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Ihad an interactive an enlightening moment in class and as such, thelessons learned were quite paramount and they enabled me to take adeep look at myself and the people around me. I am loyal to peopleclose to me and always do my best to ensure that I take good care ofthem. This virtue was instilled in me while I was still quite youngby my family which has been quite supportive and of good influence.As a result, most of the character that I bear can be directly linkedto the impact that my family members have had upon me as theynurtured me all step of the way into being a responsible andresourceful member of the society. I am forever grateful for thesupport that they give me.

Ialso have great value for my faith as it provides me the opportunityto face challenging and difficult situations with due resilience. Thesame goes for my race, which is part of my life and goes a long wayto defining my identity and all that I stand for. I cannot transactit with anything else. While I fully understand that money, statusand knowledge are of the essence in life, I hold the belief that theycan certainly be earned by sheer persistence and hard work.

Thegood interpersonal skills that I bear which include caring about thewellbeing of other people go a long way to establishing my leadershipcapacity. I also aim to identify the strengths of those who arearound me as well as enable them to overcome their challenges so asto promote their ability to perform well.

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