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Theessay explains how the “Allegory of the Cave” is applicable inthe modern society. The allegory was written by Plato. However, theconcept was initiated by Aristotle. The allegory and the modernsociety are similar because they both have unknowns, controlledenvironments, and authority figures. Faith indicates sufficientbelief in an issue or concept. Individuals in the cave and thecurrent society have enough belief that other members of the societyengage in beneficial conduct.


The“Allegory of the Cave” is relevant in the present society. Itshows the existence of unknowns. The prisoners are not exposed to thereal world. “Behold! Human beings living in an underground cave”shows the captivity environment (Plato). They, therefore, believethat the shadows are actual objects. The prisoners do not understandthat the real environment exists outside the cave. The outside worldis illustrated using actual people, sun, trees, colors, animals,soil, and water bodies. It is only one prisoner who discovers thetruth after escaping from the cave. Initially, the prisoner isblinded by the strong sunlight. He is also surprised by the new worldthat has real objects instead of shadows. The current society alsohas unknowns in different sectors. Few motivated and competent peoplebelieve that the truth can be discovered. In the health sector, thereare unknowns in finding a cure for dangerous diseases and infectionsfor example, HIV/AIDS, cancer, Ebola, and Asthma. Scientists areconducting several types of research across the globe worth billionsof dollars to find a cure for the diseases. However, some expertshave identified effective prevention measures. HIV/AIDS can beprevented through protected sex, safe blood transfusion, and sexabstinence. Cancer can be managed by embracing a healthy diet andregular exercise. Recent Ebola cases in East and West Africa wasimmediately controlled by quick treatment to prevent the rapid spreadof the infection. The current global security situation has severalunknowns. New terrorist groups form on a yearly basis for example,Al-Shabaab, ISIS, and Al Qaeda. Security experts, politicians, andreligious leaders in the United States and internationally believethat terrorism can be prevented. This is because they conduct studieson effective ways of preventing intolerant ideologies and attacks.The escaped prisoner and the researchers in the current societybelieve that the truth can be identified through proper research.


Thecave represents a controlled environment. The prisoners are chainedand, therefore, cannot move inside and outside the cave freely. They“have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move”(Plato). The captors believe that immobility prevents the prisonersfrom knowing the truth. The real world comprises actual sun, people,and vegetation. The prisoners have the opportunity to observe onlythe shadows that are cast on the walls of the cave. They believe thatthe shadows are real objects. One prisoner escapes from the cave. Heuses force to escape from the controlled setting. The fire in thecave provides light that casts shadows. The prisoners are not allowedto see the fire. The cave protects the prisoners from naturalelements for instance, rain, sunshine, winds, and temperature. Thepuppeteers walk to indicate moving shadows. The current society hasseveral examples of the controlled environment. The education sectorhas schools that shield students from the influence of other membersof the community. Education experts believe that students acquiremore knowledge when they are separated from the rest of the society.The teachers provide instructions to the students. The learners areexpected to follow these instructions so as to succeed academically.The classrooms protect the learners from natural elements like directsunlight, rain, snowfall, or strong winds. Students learn in teams.They share ideas amongst themselves. Outside members of the societyare not allowed to enter the school and communicate with the learnerswithout the permission of the administrators. Students getinformation from books and computer devices. The teacher communicatesusing the blackboard and computer projectors. In the schoolenvironment, students understand only the information that ispresented by using books and online resources. The cave can thus beused to explain the current learning environment. The educationinstitutions and the cave are controlled so as to make the prisonersand the students believe the presented information. Just like in thecave environment, the students are not expected to question theauthority and the information presented by the instructors. Theschool system requires the students to believe that the learningresources have the desired evidence.


Thecurrent society and the cave environment have influentialindividuals. People have faith that the decisions made by keyindividuals are beneficial to the entire community. The puppeteersrepresent the authority figures in the cave. The puppeteers performbehind the prisoners. The cave arrangement is “like the screenwhich marionette players have in front of them, over which they showthe puppets” (Plato). The puppeteers block the light from the fireand hence their shadows are shown on the wall in front of theprisoners. The prisoners believe that the moving shadows as realobjects. They even give names to the shadows. The puppeteerscommunicate, and their sounds are echoed across the cave. Theprisoners believe that the echoes are real sounds produced by theshadows. The escaped prisoner is also an authority because hediscovered the reality outside the cave. He saw real objects like thesun. He aims at convincing the remaining prisoners to escape becausethe real life is outside the cave. It is easy for the captives toescape if they believe that the escaped prisoner is telling thetruth. Examples of important people in the present society arepolitical leaders, business executives, and experts in variousfields. People have faith in these individuals because they areimportant in offering solutions to the challenges experienced in thecommunity. The political leaders provide information about theprogress of the society. They formulate and implement policies thataffect the lives of people for instance, economic, health,immigration, and environment programs. In the United States,President Obama has influenced the adoption of the Obama Care planthat will enable millions of Americans to access health services.Business executives like Steve Jobs (Apple, Inc.) and Bill Gates(Microsoft Corporation) influence innovation in the telecommunicationsector. The two innovators have influenced how billions of people andthousands of organizations share information globally. People respectand listen to communication from the authority figures. The prisonersin the cave listen to echo sounds from the puppeteers. They believethat the echo sounds are real. People in the present society alsobelieve that the decisions made by authority figures are real andappropriate for implementation.

Conditionsin the cave and modern society are influenced by unknowns, authorityfigures, and controlled factors. People believe that researchers canfind solutions to the problems in the society. This is whygovernments provide research resources in critical areas like healthand environment. Individuals have sufficient faith that authorityfigures benefit the society through policies and innovations.Government leaders formulate policies that improve the quality oflife for example, develop programs that improve employment levels.The controlled factors aim at strengthening the belief of individualson an issue. The education sector is controlled so as to increase thetrust that students have on the information provided by the teachers.


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