Lessons from Sports

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Lessonsfrom Sports

Lessonsfrom Sports

Myjourney in sports has been a journey of great revelation, growth, anddevelopment in a variety of areas. I have invested many years andcountless hours of hard work and dedication to reach where I amtoday. All the practice sessions, the morning runs, the pressure tobe the best is what has pushed me all the way. Most people, some ofthem my close friend, don`t understand why I had or have to put somuch effort in something they consider insignificant. But this isonly because they do not know the real worth of sports. I amcurrently in both the school varsity team and the club A team, and Iwould not have achieved so much had I not appreciated the integralrole that sports play in society. Through sports, I have learned theimportance of hard work, compromise, positive attitude, confidence,and how to handle adversity. But most of all, I have acquired lessonsin leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Leadershipis the action of leading a group of people, a team, or anorganization. Working in the sporting environment has enabled me toacquire valuable lessons and insights with respect to productiveleadership. As a Captain in my former team, and a vice captain in thepresent team, I have always been in a position where people expectmore of me that they do the rest of the team members. Each team wehave played against was competent, their players had determinationand grit, and the only thing they wanted to do was win. Thesignificant difference was in the team spirits. The teams that weremore motivated often emerged the victors. Thus, through observation,and my position in the team, I learned that setting clear goals andobjectives often leads to success. I also learned that for there tobe sufficient motivation, there must be someone to guide the group.Furthermore, I realized that failure is part of life, and you onlyneed to rise and fight again.

Asidefrom leadership, sport has provided me with the perfect opportunityto acquire skills in teamwork and sportsmanship. Teamwork is the actof working together to achieve a common goal. No single person canmake up a complete football team. It takes the effort andcoordination of many individuals to make the team successful. Poorteamwork means that certain elements of the team won`t functionproperly and this will result in failure. Therefore, it is importantthat the team works as a unit and athletes support each other.Sportsmanship, on the other hand, is the aspiration that sports willpromote respect, fairness, acceptance, and positive interactions.Those have been the core standards for all teams that I have been apart of.

Ihave integrated these qualities in my team and the community in manyways. In exercising sportsmanship, I urge my team members to treattheir opponents as equals and with the respect they give to theircomrades. This entails remaining calm and composed, andcongratulating them even when we lose. I also provide leadership tothe team by rallying them and encouraging them always to put theirenergy and focus in preparing for the next challenge. Within mycommunity, I, together with other youths initiated the clean program,a volunteer program aimed at keeping the streets of town andneighborhoods clean. As one of the pioneers of the program, I have toset goals and objectives, plan how the various activities should beexecuted, and offer guidance. Also, I have to rally other youths tojoin the movement and work collaboratively with each other. These areleadership and teamwork skills in motion within the community.

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