Listening and Writing Assignment

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Listeningand Writing Assignment

Question One

The name of thecountry chosen is Denmark in Scandinavia.

Question Two

The name of thevideo is Copenhagen (the most populated city in Denmark).

Video Link:

Question Three

The video by Rick Steves provides a detailed description ofCopenhagen. The name Copenhagen, which means ‘merchant’s harbor’was given to the city owed to the prevalence of trade in theseventeenth century. The video provides that the town is an old onethat preserves its rich heritage to date. It also highlights detailsrelating to iconic buildings in the city such as the Royal Library(nicknamed the black diamond) and the striking playhouse (Steves,2016). Highlights on the city’s harbor have, as well, been providedwith the most photographed scene being the little mermaid.

The video also expounds on the history of the city at large. At thebeginning of the seventeenth century, the city was contained withinwalls. As a consequence, over 100000 people had been packed into thecity by mid-seventeenth century leading to hygiene problems. Movingon to the infrastructural history of the city, the video providesthat one of the major infrastructural occurrences is the introductionof traffic free streets in 1962 (Steves, 2014). The video alsoprovides details regarding the architectural nature of buildingsconstructed in the eighteenth century. The city has variousrestaurants with less expensive meals.

From the national museum, it is well evident that the Denmark’scivilization dates back from the fifteenth century. The country’snational museum is considerably rich in history as evidenced by thevideo. Details relating to Denmark’s warrior king, Christian IV,have as well been provided. Rick Steves visited the palace that theking and his successor Fredrick III used. The palace is considered,by some, to be the custodian for the finest crown in Europe which hasseven pounds of gold and precious stones. The video also highlightsthe religious history of the region and that of Denmark at large. Itis provided that in the early sixteenth century (around 1536) thecountry broke from the Roman Catholic and adopted the Lutheranbeliefs (Steves, 2015). The city has an iconic church, ‘Church ofOur Savior’ which also serves as the region`s landmark. Itsexternal winding staircase that can be climbed to the top makes itpopular since it provides superior views of the city. The video alsoprovides details of the Christiania community in the city which iscomposed of individuals who are ready and willing to compromisealmost everything for freedom.

Question Four

I enjoyed the categorical nature of the video. Information flows fromone end to the other. There is no informational mix-up. I, however,did not enjoy the fact that only a few people were interviewed. Thevideo would have been more enjoyable if the host interviewed morepeople since it is always interesting to get the information from the‘horse’s mouth.`

Question Five

The host was clear and audible. He was, however, not presentable. Hefailed to ‘dress to the occasion.` His body language was averagein a scale of 1-10 as criteria for body language with one being thelowest and ten the highest, I would award 6 to the Rick Steves. Iwould want to listen to him again but only if he improves hispresentation in as far as the issues pointed out are concerned.

Question Six

I have never been to Denmark, but I would wish to visit the countryin the near future to explore more of its rich heritage. The blackdiamond, the striking Playhouse, the old house (that dates back tothe 18th Century), the palace and the ‘Church of OurSavior’ are some of the places that I would wish to visit in thecountry.


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