Local Issues in the Community

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LocalIssues in the Community

LocalIssues in the Community

Educationis an essential element that must be underlined in every community,state, and the country as a whole. Moreover, with the growing callsto embrace diversity, institutions have been mandated to offerquality education. However, challenges still exist that inhibit thequality of education. Some of the problems are drawn from theschools, while the society undertakings cause others. For instance,some schools lack adequate teaching materials to cater for thegrowing number of students. The community or rather societal issuesalso affect the quality of educations. In Compton, violence, andtrauma has affected the academic performances of many students. Forinstance, students of Compton Unified School District sued theinstitution for failing to address violence and trauma and providesufficient education. As such, this paper will discuss the problem atlarge and all the involved parties. Apart from that, it will give thefeasible solutions and the necessary implementation technique.

Statementof the Problem

Violenceand trauma are major challenges inhibiting students in the Comptonregion from performing well. As evidenced by many students, theywitness traumatic events like gang fights along the streets, yet theschool does not offer adequate counseling to deal with these issues.For example, an 18-year-old freshman student at American CareerCollege once collided with gangs fighting while coming back fromschool. Lack of adequate counseling facilities has affected most ofthe students within this community [ CITATION Ste152 l 1033 ].

TheInvolved Parties

Thesecurity system is one of the major parties involved. As such, thepolice department, precisely the patrols are not adequate to preventviolence on the streets. The learning institutions also lacksufficient counseling amenities to assist the students in therecovery process. The community in itself is a cause for the problem.This is because of their attitudes to each other. The differences areattributable to the diversity of the people in the Campton region [ CITATION Eth16 l 1033 ].

Thegangs that are the reason behind the trouble in the area are oftenmade up of people from a similar origin and are in competition withothers. The government is also a part of the problem due to itsfailure to adequately cater for the people of Campton. Due to the fewgovernment projects, initiatives and resources availed to the regionthere is stiff competition amongst the residents. The competitionbeing so tight results mainly to the most social evils that arecommon in the area. For example, gang fights are a result ofcompeting gang members who are in need of similar limited resources[ CITATION Ter15 l 1033 ].

Thefederal government is the best-suited institution that can bringsanity to the area. Since the government has massive financialresources, it can use various agencies to end the animosity among theresidents. With the help of the federal government, the localinstitutions can be empowered to offer quality education services andadequate counseling to both the students and the community as awhole. This will have a positive impact since it will drawindividuals to learning institutions with the hope of improving theirlives through education [ CITATION Eth16 l 1033 ].

Withimpartiality and integrity in the security enforcement agencies inthe region, criminal activities are likely to be reduced at asignificant rate. Given the noted biases by the local policedepartment, it has profoundly contributed to increased animositybetween the residents of Campton. With quality education and peacearound the region, students will most benefit from the talentedteachers irrespective of ethnicity or race. This is most effectiveshould such teachers come from different racial backgrounds.Similarly, if the teachers come from low-income earning families,they will have an impact on the students motivating them to lookforward to their future success since they share the same backgroundand can serve as examples [ CITATION Com16 l 1033 ].

Thealumnus of the institutions who are of different racial and economicbackground as the current students can be involved to influence thempositively. This will enable for a long-term drive towards change inthe society. This can be attributed their credibility and productiveperspective. They can demonstrate their leadership attributes topromote change in the values hence a larger societal change. As partof the solution, the involved educational institutions could adopt aproactive means to acknowledge and allow blending diversity. For apositive environment that will encourage both teachers and studentsto show and be respectful to the different cultural backgrounds, thelearning institutions need to adopt a proactive approach. The schoolsshould not just watch as the society burns down due to the culturaldifferences exhibited in the community but can take measures thatwill promote interactions and display of positive attitudes towardsall individuals regardless of their differences [ CITATION Com16 l 1033 ].

Theschools can adopt some designed classroom events that can be used toportray the real diversity. The teachers can play a large part bystructuring their lessons and classes in a manner that acknowledgesthe different perspectives and views made by the differentindividuals. Teachers can be asked to structure the learning groupsbe constituted of diverse people and devise the planned activitieswhich will require that each student to actively contribute towardsthe results of the group. By adopting this approach, the studentswill learn about each person making up the group. Such groupstypically allow to contribution by all members due to their differentopinions meaning that each team member has something valuable to say.The learning institutions and police department can promote mutualrespect among the residents. The disrespect shown to the residents ofdifferent ethnicity or race should not be tolerated. Ground rulesneed to be established, and all parties who are to be affected bythem should be allowed in their establishment to prevent bias [ CITATION Eth16 l 1033 ].

Thelocal leaders, influential persons and the school heads of thedifferent institutions can play a huge part in the creation of anenvironment that encourages the people to respect the thoughts andopinions of the other people. Their ideas and insights can be used tochange the society positively. The federal government will have todedicate many resources both financially and regarding money topromote the project of transforming the society by positivelyinfluencing the students. Since the students have a direct impact onthe daily activities of the Compton community, any positive impact onthem will have a positive influence on the society as a whole.However, the project in itself should be a long-term project that cantake two years or more. This is because for the community to finallyreap the benefits of such project, the whole of it should be aware ofthe government commitment and willingness of the competing parties tocome together and stop any current conflict hence a positive andproductive community [ CITATION Com16 l 1033 ].


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