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YourIndustry Your Company: _____Fossil group Inc.__

Usethe following table to document your research. Be sure the table isneat and professional. Watch your spacing and do not separateheadings from content. If you have problems using this table, youmay create your own.

Background Information – Learn as much as you can about the history and the current situation of your company. Gather information from your company’s website and Yahoo Financial.

See Company Profile on and your business’s website. List 4-5 key points about your firm’s history and/or the current situation.

1. The corporation was founded in 1984 and their primary product in the market was watches before they introduced leather products under the consumer brand fossil.

2. It was listed on the stock exchange in 1993 when it first traded its initial IPO.

3. The company has its manufacturing plants located in Switzerland and China, but their distribution channel and centers are located in three regions namely Germany, Asia, and Dallas.

4.The company purchased Skagen Designs limited in 2012 at approximately 225 million dollars, and they also offered the company close to 150,000 shares in the company which was valued at 11.8 million dollars

5. The company took over the operations of a maker misfit in 2015for US dollars 260 million where they incorporated the oddball technology inside their traditional watches later the company scaled back their clothing production.

Planning: Mission, Values, Corporate Social Responsibility – Successful companies use a mission statement and values to guide their decision-making and foster public trust. In addition to these “touchstones for decision-making,” most companies today are involved in socially responsible activities.

What is your company’s mission statement? Write it here.

The company’s mission is a statement based on dedication to the success of their clients through provision of innovative solutions, designs, and construction of the highest standards as well as quality facilities on time and on the highest level of integrity, skill, and leadership. The client’s success is the success of the company.

Does your enterprise have a Code of Ethics or Value Statement? Briefly describe.

Fossil group has faith in code of ethics as well as values that support the company to achieve their objectives. The company comprehends that fair return, safety, performance excellence as well as sustainability are they core attributes, which when they implement , it makes the corporation a successful firm, and they have to be followed to the letter. It is important to note that these values and code of ethics underpin the company’s corporate structure.

Indicate which overall business strategies the company seems to be following and explain why you think so: mass merchant, luxury marketer, or analytic approach.Be sure to define the term and give an example


Since the Fossil company is a fashion industry that targets specific consumer market niche. The company uses the luxury market strategy which refers to a marketing strategy that listens to the client preferences and ensures that they incorporate that which the client need into their product so as to get their attention thereby making them purchase from the product. The strategy is valid for consumer goods especially luxury products such as watches and jewelry. “Fossil perfects this strategy through ensuring that it has distinguished itself and its products so as to ensure they retain the mystique and the cachet.”

Identify two ways the company contributes to society through monetary donations, hosted events, or other corporate socially responsible activities.

Fossils corporate social responsibility is always unmatched as the company is always on a mission to ensure that they impact positively into the sustainable development by supporting the United Nation’s goals on sustainable development goals. Also, the company has taken an initiative to empower people through addressing inequality by creating opportunities to people.

Organization –

Identify the type of organizational structure the company appears to use (see text).

Define the type of structure, explain why you think this structure fits your organization and give an example.

The Fossil company employs the line as well as staff organizational configuration. The route and workforce administrative arrangement is one that has perpendicular and direct affiliation between the various ranks of management. The structure fits the company since it ensures flexibility and also it provides an avenue for specialization among the management and staff.

Leadership –

Current CEO or Founder’s _Kosta Kartsotis

Read one article about the current CEO or Founder of your company and outline at least four things you learned about him/her.

Kosta is considered as one of the most secretive CEO who never takes salary from his company, and he is always camera shy. Therefore one can learn that Kosta is not a tight head of company, in addition, he is a hardworking chief executive whose interest is to ensure that his business is profitable .He is also secretive as there is no photo of the CEO anywhere not in Facebook or on twitter.

What essential management skills do you think your CEO demonstrates? Identify the skill, define, and give an example of at least two skills. (View textbook).

He is very professional in his undertaking and always works to ensure that the company is profitable. He owns a majority individual share. In addition, the CEO is hardworking as he has maintained the company’s competitive edge since he took over as the CEO.

What leadership style do you think your CEO embodies. Identify, define and give an example (View textbook).

The CEO of fossil Inc. embodies a selfless leadership as it is evident that he works hard to ensure that the company is always profitable, but he has never taken a salary from the enterprise.

Motivation –

Go to (year can be adjusted online)

Is your business listed as one of the top 100 companies? &shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shy&shyno, the company does not appear in the top 100__

Investigates three companies that are in the top 100.

List the corporation’s name and briefly describe, “what makes it so great.” You will find this info by clicking on the company link.

1. Google company-It is an American company based in California, and it specializes in providing internet related services such as cloud computing among other services. The company is great as it provides its employees with free laundry and food services, thereby creating an enabling environment towards their employees.

2. Cisco-It’s an American-based company that manufacturers and sell networking equipment across the globe. The company is great since it provides a conducive environment whereby employees can work from home, on the road and provides the best perks in terms of payment.

3. Mercedes-Benz USA- It’s a German company that is based in America and it manufacturer luxury cars. The corporation is considered significant as it offers flexible working schedules for their employees as well as compressed operational week and has a generous commuting policy among other benefits for their personnel.

What can you learn about employee motivation from this site and why companies are considered “good to work for”?

Worker inspiration is critical if the business wants to be successful. Employee’s motivation is directly proportional to their productivity and therefore if a company is not motivating their employees, productivity is also reduced, and therefore it leads to poor performance as compared to other businesses. Enterprises are reflected as virtuous to labor because they offer their workers with quality benefits that are good for employees.

A good place to work?

Based on your management research, do you think your company would be a good place to work? State your position and then give three reasons and evidence that defend your position.


Google company

Reason and evidence that defends your position:

1.The company offers flexible working schedules for its employees

2. The company provides free laundry services for their employees, therefore, cutting costs for employees and saves them time.

3. The company offers food for free which is also another motivation to staffs.

List References using APA Reference Page format –

Include all resources you used to develop this worksheet here – use APA Reference Page Formatting.

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Professionalism and format –

Table looks neat and professional. Spacing is accurate and inappropriate relationship to text. No excessive white space and headings and text are on the same page.

Total Points


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