Marketing Strategy Planning Decisions

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The operation of any kind of business will be successful with theright strategies put in place. The bakery will have to follow certainstrategies to ensure it operates at its best. The product class ofthe company will ensure there is the production of various types ofcakes where the customer will have the freedom to choose from thevarious products offered. The product cycle of new goods will ensurethat when introducing a new type of cake into the market, it will bewell known to the customers through advertising so that its targetmarket can be determined.

Developmentof channel systems

The company will have strategies to determine how the products willbe ferried to where the customers are, and how best to serve thoseclients who come to the premises. There will be trucks to ferry thecakes to our outlets and in the process, the trucks will go droppingto those customers who may not be able to access the premises. Thepackaging of the items will ensure that the customer`s needs are met.The direct channeling will be used when the products are beingtransported directly to the outlets while the indirect channels willinvolve intermediaries who will help distribute products to ourcustomers even if it means door to door delivery. Time must be afactor to consider when transporting the products putting intoconsideration that the cakes are perishable. Better storage andtransportation facilities will also be provided to avoid unnecessaryloses. The ordering will be bone through online sites or thecustomers will have to come to the premises to make the orders. Thosewho will order online will have an added advantage as the deliverywill be done to their doorsteps though there will be more charges forthe service. The channel will involve all the parties that ensurebetter services to the customers. Both retailers and wholesalers mustbe incorporated where they will help the company reach more customersthan they could without them.

Levelof customer service and logistics

The services of the customers will be addressed depending on the needof the customers. There are those complaints that we may receive fromthe customers which will form the basis of improving our services.The hours of operation will be from 7 a.m. in the morning to 9 p.m.These hours will be the best for operation where the business willhave a chance to serve most of its customers conveniently. Websiteordering will be available to serve customers who may not be in aposition to come to the premises to ensure better services to all.The door to door deliveries will be done using motorbikes in thecompany which are fast and can travel in any place of the regionconveniently.

Retailers,wholesalers, and their strategic planning

The company will work in collaboration with retailers and wholesalerswho will be the channel between the bakery and the end consumer. Thewholesalers will be in direct contact with the company where theywill be acquiring the products directly from the bakery. This willensure that the transport cost is on their side to save the companyon the transportation cost. The retailers will then communicate withthe wholesalers where they will be delivered the cakes to resellthem. Customers will, therefore, be able to acquire the company`sproducts from the retailers near them. The channeling of the productswill thus be easier, and everyone will benefit from the production.

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