Mate Selection

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Thesize of the waist of the body about hips. Relatively broader hips areattractive in comparison to the bigger size. A female with moderatelywider hips about the size of their waist are attractive. The size ofthe waist is influenced by the fat distribution within body parts.Human hormones are responsible for their distribution and people withrelatively low fats around their waist are said to be healthy. Thishas triggered sexuality attraction and counterparts when selectingtheir mating preference will be influenced by characteristics theywant their offsprings to possess(Conroy-Beam and Buss, 53-66).Accordingly, this has resulted in impacting on how people choosetheir mating partners. For instance, health will be a factor toconsider as parents since, individuals normally want to have healthyoffsprings, and this is dictated by the physical appearance of thepaternities. Lower rates of waist`s fats are portrayed as a sexyappearance not only physically but also in health most of the peoplewith low-fat accumulation around their waste are resilience todiseases such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular infections.The level of fats also predicts on the sexual activeness of a person.

Menwill prefer physical beauty compared to women who are protective andmay prefer emotional stability and physical appearance thatcharacterizes good health for example, especially to malemasculinity.


Mostpeople would want to be associated with people that are symmetricalto themselves, for instance, body scents can be used to determinesexual preference of a person as most people are attracted to theirscent(pg. 55).Although this might be difficult to elaborate, people tend to beattracted to their similar counterparts this is stimulated by thebody hormones that draws and communicate effectively with their samefellow members’ gene. As a result, this brings about theadvertising nature of sexuality as body hormones communicate andattract similar hormones of the opposite sex. Notably, this is drivenby the mate’s preference to possess partners that replicate theirtraits. Similarly, this choice of the mate basing on the similarityis mostly associated with the female as they prefer to have a malecounterpart that resembles their characters, this thus results toadvertising among the females.


Howdifferent a person behaves is another factor that influences the matechoice, in what way human conduct themselves under similarcircumstances affect the selection of mating partners, people areattracted to what they view as inheritable traits to have a lastingrelationship. Genetically similarity among spouse results to thehappier relationship and have a strongly bonded family. Personalitylikeness will determine the lifespan of a relationship(Conroy-Beam and Buss, 62).Partners with similar personality and behavior results to geneticbonding hence they can correlate throughout their marriage. Forexample, the same religion partners will have similar beliefs aboutthe wedding. Cultural similarity will influence the mating preferencechoice, how human beings acts has their biological origin wherebycontrol such as location, and time plays a significance role todetermine in what way the mate will relate amid each other (pg. 57).

Inconclusion, it is evident that mate selection and preference isinfluenced by physical characteristics, which is determined on thehuman development progress. Both male and female have a choice tomake, and this make a man being subjected to compete for mates asthey prefer physical beauty characterized by appearance and facialmarket. While females advertise for mates as their consideration tochoosing partners is mostly influenced by compatibility that isdriven by their emotion stability, and a long lasting relationshipneed.


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