MCXC-DOL-SCMB May 15, 2014

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MCXC-DOL-SCMB May 15, 2014


SUBJECT:Leadership Philosophy

1.Vision. Our vision states that Womack Army’s Medical Centeris the epitome of pre-eminence and the recourse of America’sfinest. Our philosophy is that life`s circumstances and childhoodobstacles that may have altered our Soldiers` aspirations should notdetermine their fate but ought to be used to cultivate change. Weshould all be leaders that make a difference. We are to mentor andguide our soldiers and peers in every aspect that contribute to theirpersonal and professional goals. We need to be the voice, the helpfor others to reinforce and engage in what we do best as leaders. Ourprimary purpose is to ensure high-quality medical care and to improvethe productivity of Womack personnel.

2.Soldiers, Civilians, and Patient Care. Every Soldier andCivilian’s personality is different. As the leader, I will ensurethat everyone remains professional at all times. Everyone will betreated with dignity and respect because patient care is our numberone responsibility.

3. Safety. Everyone is a safety officer. Individuals shouldalways be ready to execute they say prevention is better than curehence, quick response is an important key to enhancing security. Wemust have discipline and always do the right thing on and off duty. Risk assessments will be conducted before any mission to ensure wehave identified all possible high risks conditions. We will offeroutstanding education and training programs to train our officer toensure security is its utmost.

4. Accountability of Equipment. Accountability of our apparatusis crucial in patient care. Make sure you know where yourparaphernalia is located at all times. If you give any equipmentaway, make sure to sign it out on a DA 3161. You will maintain acopy of that DA 3161, and the customer will get a copy. Lossequipment can lead to overall mission failure.

5. The POC is the undersigned at [email protected]





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