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Thelegal history of the MU program started with the Regional ExtensionCenter to assist the resident health upkeep with inducements toimplement Automated Health Archives through the establishment ofmeaningful use program of EHR with the aim of improving qualityhealth (U. S. Department of Health &amp Human Services, n.d). Thismade the American Reclamation and Investment Act of 2009 to indorsedMedicaid and Medicare services to pay the eligible providers whodemonstrate the MU of EHR (U. S. Department of Health &amp HumanServices, n.d).

MeaningfulUse is utilizing the technology of proficient Electronic HealthRecord in a significant way to enhance the quality of health care (U.S. Department of Health &amp Human Services, 2015). The purpose of MU is to connect the ailing and their family to reduce healthdifferences while improving efficiency, quality, safety as well ascare coordination, public, and population health while maintainingsecurity and privacy of the ill health information (U. S. Departmentof Health &amp Human Services, 2015).

Therequirement for the qualified EHR expertise applies to both Medicaidand Medicare EHR incentive programs (Federal government, 2016). Forthe Medicaid program, the need for the qualified health caregivers isto espouse, contrivance, progress to specialized EHR know-how andacquire the incentive payment even before achieving the MU of thetechnology during the first year. Conversely, the Medicare healthcare providers must adopt and complete the MU of the certifiedtechnology for them to receive the payment (Federal government,2016).

Thefirst stage of MU occurred between 2011 and 2012 with the primaryobjective intending to collect a baseline data for electronic dataacquisition and information sharing (U. S. Department of Health &ampHuman Services, 2013a). The second phase took place in 2014 aiming togive patients secure online access to their health information toincrease health information and patient engagement. The final phaseis fixed in 2016 to advance safety, proficiency, and worth measuredthrough overall enhanced health results (U. S. Department of Health &ampHuman Services, 201a).

Thecriteria for Medicaid and Medicare EHR incentive program is that theeligible professional of the former must have at least 30% volume ofMedicaid ailing to receive a maximum payment of $63,750 within sixyears (Federal government, 2016) . The first installment begins in2016 amounting $21,250 and the last incentive amount $8,500 in nextfive years. Equally, the Medicare EP maximum payment is $44,000within five years. The first installment begun in 2014 and the lastone in 2016 and an eligible hospital can qualify for more than $ 2million (Federal government, 2016).


Reducespatients readmissions improve healthcare quality, patient engagement,and care coordination- Dr. Kendrick proves that they established aDOC2DOC website in Tulsa area which has significantly enabled them todevelop patients care plans and coordination which resulted inreduced patient admissions and improved overall health care quality(U. S. Department of Health &amp Human Services, 2013b).


Requiresmassive investment of resources- to provide continuity ofinformation, care providers must incur costs in technology and timeinvested (U. S. Department of Health &amp Human Services, 2013b).


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