Media and the Development of Sexual Orientation

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Mediaand the Development of Sexual Orientation

Mediaand the development of sexual orientation

Sexualorientation is a controversial social topic that is slowly gainingits footing in today’s society. The lesbian, gay, bisexual andtransgender have previously received outrage, discrimination and evenphysical harm from different societies. However, that is slowlychanging as illuminated by television shows. The selected media isthe popular television show, “Modern family”. This comedy sitcomhas received various awards since its inception. In addition, it israted as one of the most popular show currently in the United States.This particular show has incorporated gay and lesbian characters thatare open about their sexual orientation. It features Mitchell andCameron who are a gay couple having adopted a child and making plansto adopt the second one.

Inaddition, this particular show highlights the growth of sexualidentities in the modern societies. There are more people who areembracing their sexual orientations and clearly identifying it withtheir personal identities (Class Notes, 2016). Moreover, the legalframework is slowly integrating these people in their legal set up.This is by legalizing gay marriages as seen in many states that allowgay couple to marry. The most important point to note is that mediais playing a critical factor in creating an environment where suchindividuals can live and thrive (Class Notes, 2016). By airing suchshows, it makes the society to be comfortable with the issue ofsexual identity. Moreover, it is important to note that thepopularity of “Modern Family” is an effective measure of thesociety’s tolerance towards the gay and lesbian communities.

Itis therefore interesting to note that it is rare these days to havepublic outrage against the depiction of gay and lesbian scenes.Therefore, it is critical to ask whether religious and conservativegroups have embraced the idea of sexual identity and its freedom. Itis also important to ask whether the society has indeed integratedthe gay and lesbian groups in the community. The last discussionquestion is posed to the learning communities in which this paperseeks to ask how much has been done to integrate this group in thelearning environment.


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