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MelanieYazzie is one of the most revered artists because of the work thatshe does. She was born in the state of Arizon and belongs to the Saltand Bitter clans. She currently lectures art at the University ofColorado and is the head of printmaking at the institution. Theartist is popular for her role in art and the input that she has madein making creations that have gone ahead to win some awards. Some ofthe areas that have displayed her pieces include the Kennedy Museumof Art, the Anchorage Museum of History &amp Art as well as theAustralian National Gallery.1The artist attended the Westtown Schools where she was able to getoriented to art. She later on attended the Arizona State Universitywhere she was able to earn a bachelor’s degree in art. Shethereafter graduated from the institution in the year 1990 andproceeded to study master of fine art in printmaking from theUniversity of Colorado where she graduated in the year 1993.

Yazzieis known for focusing on the topic of post-colonial dilemmas thatpeople faced, especially as it meant dealing with the differentindigenous groups that were found in countries such as the UnitedStates.1History has shown that the United States was on the forefront ofharassing indigenous communities when the first European settlerscame into the country. One of the works that Yezzie is currentlyengaged in, is the One of such works is such as the Saltwatercollection that is hosted at Walnut St. Boulder. She aims to increasethe number of works under the gallery so as to create a completestory regarding her history.


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