Men Nurses in California

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MenNurses in California


MenNurses in California

Only12% of the California nurses are men. Three barriers hinder more meninto the nursing career. These are the public perception that nursingis a female career, payment issues, and discrimination. The publicalready has a perception that nursing is specifically for the femalegender hence having very few male nursing practitioners in the field.This is because people lack knowledge on the actual actionsundertaken by nurses in the hospital hence being a threat to theyounger men who listen to these perceptions. The second barrier thatalways deters some young men from joining nursing career is the issueof pay. While both men and women suffer the same low-level salarywhen starting the job, it appears more disincentives for men. Womenin the career always see themselves earning better than in othercareers whereas the male counterparts see it quite lower and henceacting to be a barrier hindering more men into the profession.Lastly, the other barrier that results in the low population ofCalifornia’s male nurses is discrimination. Like any minoritygroup, the small number of the male in the profession makes them moreexposed to discrimination, for instance, they aren’t allowed to dohealth visiting placements or maternity operations (Meadus&amp Twomey, 2011).

Thesolution to these barriers can help in improving the situation andrecruit more men into the career. This would include creatingawareness to the public as well as encouraging more men into theprofession. Moreover, looking into the nurses` pay is another veryvital component that will help in attracting more males into thecareer, since as the family providers they will have sufficientresources. The last resolution is through ensuring thatdiscrimination in the workplace for the minority group that is men isrooted out to enhance better services as well as support employeesatisfaction in the workplace.


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