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Ethics– Apply Your Knowledge

Howto Enhance Security Within the Café

Inensuring a high level of data security, the first thing I would do inthe café is to institute a profound information system. To monitorhow the information about the company is leaked, I would install thesurveillance cameras to check the actions of the staff and customers.Additionally, I would make sure that various protocols are institutedin the café such that only trusted individuals are allowed to accessvital information about the company. The security personnel,therefore, are charged with the responsibility of making sure thatthey check on person who gets into and out of the café. In thisprospect, the issues such as the stealing at the cashier`s desk byindividual employees would be reduced. Hence the place will be deemedsecure (Sayogo, Najafabadi, Tayi, &amp Pardo, 2016).

Anotherway in which the management can curb stealing and suspiciousactivities within the firm is through the creation of a profoundpolicy that is mainly founded on accountability and responsibility.Every employee would therefore, be required to guard their area ofjurisdiction failure to which they would be deemed liable for anyloss incurred in their docket. After the implementation of theinformation system, security of certain vital information about thefirm would be on the docket of trusted members of the café (Sayogo,Najafabadi, Tayi, &amp Pardo, 2016). For example, one would gainaccess to the financials of the firm only when a senior person usestheir password to log into the system to retrieve this information.The information system and the database will be fitted with autoalarms which help to notify the management when one tries to hackinto these systems.

Security:Making Business Decisions II

BiometricPayment System

Biometricpayment systems are one of the safest ways of protecting theinformation about the customers. The fact that the fingerprintsinscription is different in every client helps in the identificationof these customers and trace their transactions easily. The biometricsystem is safe since it is quite distinctive to a particularcustomer. The information about a particular client is stored in itsdomain hence reducing any advents of overlapping and mixing ofvarious data (Fatima, 2015). The platform for identity verificationis seen to be unique and faster hence the café will find it quiteefficient to utilize it. Unlike credit cards where the information isstored on the card of the client, biometric information can only beaccessed when the customer is present hence the instances of stoleninformation or data is usually minimal in the biometric system. Onthe inception of the whole context of verification, the authenticityof the client will be assured since this deals with the fingerprintwhich is part of their body (Fatima, 2015). The security system ofbiometric computers is built using the state of art technology whichindeed helps in making sure that the safety of the client isguaranteed. One of the issues that are facing the biometric paymentsystem is the cost of installation which seems to be quite high forthe café like Cohesion Café. It should be noted that the firm alsoneeds to make a profit. If the cost-benefit analysis shows that thecompany would run at a loss, it would be proper for the company notto implement it due to its less economic viability (Fatima, 2015).


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