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HowardsFood Suppliers Company

HowardsFood Suppliers Company, HFSC is a company that deals in supplyingbakeries and confectionaries based on the order it receives from theclients. The company has been successful in its activities because ofits well laid down mission statement objectives as described below

Mission,Vision, and Values


Asustainable, vibrant and friendly food supplier controlled and ownedby members that offer value to the customers and the surroundingcommunity (Linsenman,2015).The company looks forward towards

  •  Responsible growth of the business and also being good stewards for its members, debtors, and the potential investors

  •  Provision of accessible healthy and local food

  •  Cultivation of knowledge and ideas on issues affecting consumers

  •  Paying attention to farmers, members (Wyshak, 2014), job opportunities and the surrounding community.

  •  Offering sustainable food practices and the needed infrastructure

  •  Provision of a hospitable, open shopping and also work experiences within its stores


HFSCaims to build an internal membership community and contribution tothe both the society living around it as it seeks to have inoperation (Media,2016),the best food suppliers in the region of Rode Island that provide themost locally and healthy produced foods.


HFSCoperates based on the below values

  •  Honesty

  •  Quality,

  •  Integrity

  •  Respect

Withregards to the above core values of the operation of the company,they further culminate into the below principles that companyoperates on as well

i)Membership that is open and voluntary

Allco-operatives remain to be voluntary organizations that are free toeverybody to utilize their services (Wyshak,2014)and also be ready to admit the membership responsibilities minusfactoring in issues about gender, race, political stand, social classor religious affiliation.

Ii)Democracy in the management of members

Cooperativesbeing democratic institutions are in this case under control bymembers who show active participation in the formulation of policiesand arriving at decisions. Both men and women on the electiveposition have the accountability of being members of the cooperative(Wyshak,2014). The instance here, in short, insinuates that each and every memberof a Cooperative has equal rights regarding voting one member, onevote and also the organization of the cooperative follows democraticprinciples.

Iii)Economic participation from the members

Allmembers must show fair and democratic management of the capitalinvested in the cooperative. Also, there must be at least oneportion of the funds set aside as the common property that belongs tothe Co-operative (Media,2016).The same members must have accessibility to compensation that islimited where there is a capital subscription based on the conditionof being a member.

Iv) Autonomy and independence

Allcooperatives remain to be autonomous, self-reliance institutions thathave management taking place from their subscribed members. In anycase, this body enters into a treaty with other organizations even ifit is for the government, or for soliciting capital from foreignsources (Wyshak,2014).The instance here takes place in those conditions that spearhead thedemocracy in the management from both the members and maintaining theautonomy of the cooperative.

V)Education, Information, and Training

Cooperativeshave the responsibility of offering education and training skills totheir members (Linsenman,2015),the elected and appointed leaders and employees so that these personsare in a position of offering services that are also developmentoriented to the institution itself.

vi) Cooperation with other cooperatives

Co-operativesmust provide services to their respective members in a proper mannerthat leads to the strengthening of the cooperative movement((Linsenman,2015)by working together covering the national, regional, local and eventhe international scopes of cooperation.

Vii)Community concerns

Allcooperatives have the responsibility of working towards enhancing asustainable development of the surrounding communities (Linsenman,2015)based on the policies and structures that all its members giveapproval.


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