Monticore by Lisa Kron

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MonticorebyLisa Kron


1.Whatis your full name, age, and date of birth?

Myname is Benny Hughes (Tiger 1). I am 21 years old and was born on 1stof August 1995. Since tigers are vicious, I chose the name Hughesbecause it sounds tough and commensurate with the billing that theanimal may be tasked with.

2.Whatis your ethnic/cultural heritage?

Myethnic/cultural heritage lies in singing and dancing when I am freeas well as taking walks around to ensure that I am able to enjoy whatnature offers. The reasoning comes from the fact that the twocharacters appear to be quite relaxed even as they enjoy the morningsun while sitting on rocks. Ialso take pride in laughing at the weird behavior of human beingssuch as paying to watch us sit around.

3.Whatis your religion/spiritual belief system?

Iam a utilitarian. I believe that all people have the right to enjoythe various aspects of life and it is good not to infringe on thespace of others. This is because the characters appear to be quitehappy with their lives, which goes a long way to influence suchbeliefs.

4.What is your marital status?

Iam married. I have a lady who I love and like sharing a good momentwith. She compliments most of my efforts and also challenges me totake actions that I never thought I would be able to achieve. This isbecause the two characters displayed in the play seem quiteresponsible and able to take care of their families.

5.Do you have children? (If so who are they?)

Yes.I have children. They are two. One of them is known Cindy Ryan whilethe second is known as Audry Weinberg. The choice that the characterhas children could come from the fact that the characters seem socalm and patient, something that is normally associated with peoplewho have children.

6.What is your occupation?

Iam an entertainer. Human beings come to view me and play with me. Inormally take this as a moment to interact with in such a way that Iam able to benefit them in the slightest way possible. This isbecause, from the characters shown in the play, the tigers seem to bequite peaceful (Kron 2).

7.Who are you closest to in the play? Why?

Iam closest to tiger 2 who is known as Bradley Kaine, given the kindof humor that he normally portrays. Hereally loves teasing me.As a result, I like hanging out with him.

8.Who do you not get along within the play? Why?

Ialso get along well with Tiger 2 because he understands me muchbetter.

9.What is the single most important event in your life?

Thesingle most important event in my life is when I hang out with myfriend, Tiger 2, as I am able to learn about various issues andgenerally get a good time, althoughhe can be so noisy when he snores.

10.What is your level of education?

Ido not bear any formal education (Kron 6).

11.What is your overall goal in the play?

Myoverall role in the play is to be an entertainment to my friend tiger2 as he is always there for me. Iwould also love to make fun of his rough skin too!

12.Where do you want to be in five years?

Iwould like to have developed a lot of friends in the human beings’community as a result of the entertainment that I shall accord them.

SectionTwo: The Playwright

Monologueby Tiger 1 (Benny Hughes)

Ithink I like human beings, although they are funny creatures. Whilesome of them are busy attacking us, others spend a lot of money towatch us in national parks, zoos, and animal orphanages. I have neverunderstood why they should pay in the first place, to watch us.However, I have no problem with them dong that. The one issue that Ibelieve is quite bad on their part is the kind of onslaught that theyaim towards us. Sometimes I wish that I had supernaturalcapabilities. I would have done revenge on my behalf and for allthose, wild animals that human beings normally mistreat.

Anotherissue that I fail to understand is the fact that while human beingshave enough sources of food, they still do their best to ensure thatthey share the little that our wild animals have. Why should theyhunt down antelopes, when they already have cattle, chicken, andgoats at their homes? We never get to share with them the foods thatthey have at their places and so, there should be no reason for themto target ours. They pretend that they have our interests at theirhearts but still go ahead to take the little that belongs to us. Whenthey hunt down our ‘food’, we are left with very little that canenable us to survive. Maybe I should engage my friend Tiger 2. Weneed to attack these human beings and teach them a lesson. Okay, I know, Tiger 2 is one of the most coward individuals I have ever met.All the same, I could still encourage him to assist me in protectingourselves from human beings. I would, however, wish to invite humanbeings to spend more time with us and learn more about us, providedthat there is a fence between us, for their own safety.


Kron,Lisa. Monticore.2006.N.p 1-9

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