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Withits strategic location at Norway Street’s corner off Edgerly Roadin Boston’s Back Bay, Fenway area, is perhaps themost comfortable place for the elder people. Coupled with the vastarray of services offered, it emerges as one of the leading homes forthe otherwise marginalized elders who earn dismal incomes in theUnited States, Boston in particular. The baseline is, therefore, toanswer several questions regarding the home: Does provide comfort? Is it strategically located? What are the facilitiesand services offered? As a living area, how well are the residentsengaged socially? Well, this essay utilizes personal observationsmade while visiting the apartments to present anexposition concerning the above inquiries.

First, has a comfortable environment which is suitable foroutdoor activities as much as it is affordable, and I can’t disputethat to the least. There are amazing facts about this residentialarea that stand out as the primary pointers to the calmness the placeharbors. The confrontations you encounter with a single homage to anyof the apartments at Morville are astounding, and affirming that thearea blossoms with new life. How? The house looks brand following anupgrade of the initial apartments and the addition of several otherunits. What you visualize from within or without the apartments arethe new ultra-modern wall and window systems alongside the novelmechanical systems, and that is not a kind of structure to bedownplayed. The result of the renovation has been a highlyenergy-efficient design, and that benefits the low to moderate incomeearning elders to save energy costs. Isn’t that comfort?Furthermore, the place boasts of an improved connected library andmeeting rooms, Information and Fitness Centers, and an Art and CraftsStudio. What does that imply? It is imperative noted that MorvilleHouse accommodates the low to moderate income earning senior men andwomen irrespective of their color, race, nationality, and creed. Thatdiversity manifests in the way people socialize and engage inleisure. Some would want to spend some time in the library reading,others in the gym for fitness activities, or even in the studioslistening to their favorite music or watching their most preferredartists. Nonetheless, there are many outdoor activities associatedwith Morville which include a day out to the Drayton Manor, WarwickCastle, majestic cinema entertainment, Millie Meekkarts Playbarn,ecotourism, and physical games. Hence, the families who value naturevisit such areas as the Weston Park and Shropshire Wildlife Trust forleisure while others enjoy the Edge Adventure activities like thesniper range, quad biking, and pigeon shooting. Moreover, theexisting open playgrounds facilitate jogging, and that proves vitalfor the health progress of the elderly as well as their children.Similarly, others capitalize on the presence of the Hoo Farm AnimalKingdom to participate in lamb feeding, egg collecting, and sheepracing.

Second, has a convenience location with proximity to the WholeFoods (two blocks away) and many other public places. The tower isexpediently positioned in the Fenway vicinity of Boston, 100 NorwayStreet off Edgerly Road. The Fenway has a crucial resource in thepresent huge portion of the famed Emerald Necklace of Boston, whichlies close to the area’s geographic centre. Besides, there arePocket parks which complement for the convenience of .Such parks and spaces include Ramler Park, Edgerly Road playground,and the Symphony Road Community Garden. This complex of open spacesis vital to the expansion of the Morville residence in the future asthe number of the elderly group craving for low-cost housing continueto upsurge. Besides, the area has a reduced carbon footprint as theresidents share walls, and that helps in the control of energyrequired to heat the buildings for a year at low levels. Besides, theenvironment is compactly built, and that has reduced the distancecovered by utility infrastructures such as cables and new pipes toconnect apartments and or buildings. Similarly, the location of permits ready access to transportation as much as itallows the residents to walk to work and shops. Particularly, theTower neighbors Prudential Center and Copley Place shopping centersas well as a bus line as well as a community room that serves lunchfive days a week.

Third, has many facilities and, therefore, provides a varietyof services to the elderly based on their tastes and preferences.Earnestly, the housing facility provides about 21 bedroom sizeapartments in the Fenway neighborhood. The residence features manyamenities which include a general laundry service, shopping,community room, and an on-site management office. In the communityroom, meals are served routinely for five days per week, and thetenants can shop at the nearby Prudential Center and Copley Place.Transport services are also available readily thanks to the presenceof a bus line and the MBTA subway. The house’s professional staffcoordinates referral activities as well as home care actions. Mainly,the health care services provided include exercises, art classes, andtrips alongside affordable and suitable nutrition programs. What isalso interesting about the Morville is its systematic way of holdingmusic and dance competitions to boost social cohesion. Because thetenants here are culturally diverse, they have resorted to that tounite and prevent any chances of social isolation or prejudice.Additionally, the art schedules help in mental fitness as much as themusic does thus the management has resolved to encourage thepractice as an evidence-based healthcare initiative.

Arguable,Morville Housing is an ideal living area because the State ofMassachusetts features many homeless populations. The state ofhomelessness is a result of low to moderate household incomes whichcannot support high-cost housing fees by the elderly group with whoma majority is not working and on pension. Regularly affordablehousing apartments are an inevitable assurance of economic variety ina fashionable and developing locality of the Morville and the widerFenway. Morville Housing, in specific, has proved cost-effective tothe elderly male and women populations who are in a financial crisisand unable to afford expensive housing. Here, the costs for houserents are subsidized, and accommodations availed for the populationage of 60 years and above. More appealing is the fact that theresidential is strategically located to enable easy transportation,leisure activities like visiting parks, playgrounds for sportingactivities, and music, arts, and fitness programs. In any case, theaging population is in dire need of home or health care services andthese are well stressed at Morville. A neighborhood that is ashelpful as to provide a platform for mental and physical activity inthe library and the field alongside communal lunch, transport, andlow-cost housing is in no doubt a conducive living area, and Morvilleis a replica of the same.

Finally,the Morville Housing is also lucky to start receiving weeklyvolunteers who engage the tenants in storytelling, and othermotivation agendas meant for the development of the community as awhole. It is true that the children in this residence are not wellexposed due to limited visitation by external groups who areexperienced in many issues of life. With such visitations, the youngpopulace is expected to benefit from programs like career talks,public health (e.g. washing hands before eating), and the essence oftime management and discipline. Interestingly, several groups havebeen running such programs in Morville, and these include BostonFaith and Justice Network, Partakers, Cooperative MetropolitanMinistries, and Massachusetts Council of Churches. For example, thepartakers volunteer to mentor the Morville community so as to controlprisoner recidivism in the region, i.e. it focuses on shaping theresidents’ morality. The weekly volunteer visits will, therefore,potentiate the efforts of the present groups and ensure that thechildren are properly nurtured alongside the community establishment.

Simplyput, is a residential best suited for the seniorcitizens who are not only struggling with health issues but alsovictims to the frustrations of low incomes. Under normal conditions,the group cannot afford housing costs and may be rendered homeless asa result. However, the construction of subsidized apartments of theMorville has eased the population of the tensions. Among the benefitsassociated with the neighborhood are reasonable rental charges,convenience location, professional services, music and arts, andvolunteer support towards community development. In other words,Morville Housing still rates as the most comfortable place for theelder people.

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