Mover of Men and Mountain Essay

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Moverof Men and Mountain Essay

Moverof Men and Mountain Essay

R.G.Letourneau is a famous discoverer of the earth movingmachine.According to his biography, he was born early eighteenth in Richford.Being an engineer was of important to many during the Second WorldWar. Due to his spirit to help the society by spearheading education,he started a University that wascalledafter him because of the help of his late spouse Evelyn Peterson.Letourneau isaphilanthropist to believers of Christ along with those devoted toservingthe Lord. Truly,R.G. Letourneau is a staunch Christian, great innovator and thebrainchild of Le Tourneau University.

Letourneauis well and notably known for the origination of material and earthmoving handling equipment. He forecast the growth of apparatus beforehe passed away in horsepower in the mining industry and how it isimportant in the same industry. Currently,many automobilesand manufacturing companies are indebted to the Letourneau’sinvention. Most of them use the same technology of his invention andhighthinking.

R.G.Letourneau impressed people’s thoughts by building and devisingsophisticated machines. He introduced and incorporated intoearthmoving machine the rubber and material handling devices.This elastic tire has been accepted universally by production andautomobile companies. Onthe contrary,he discovered Electric Wheel and as time went by he developed andimprovised it. He is the man behind welding of many metals. Also,he owned many mobileoffshore platforms used to reinforce machines that drill for oil inthe reserves in the sea areas in the whole world.

Letourneauusually understood the reason of God’s blessing in thefinancialaspect of his life. As an originator of earth-movingequipment,he used to give ninety percent of his total income to God as anoffering or tithe. During his tender age, hegot and became submissive to the Gospel of God. Before,heused to abandon the word of God frequently. However, while stillsixteen years, he dedicatedhis life to the Lord and recognized Him as the Savior and AlmightyFather. During the earlythirties,he offered his entire life exclusively to be God’s businessman. Themost interesting verse in his life was Mathew chapter 6, versethirty-three,“seekye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all thesethings shall be added unto you”according to the NKJ version. Apart from the mentioned verse, he alsohad others that took thebetterpart of his life on earth. Among them included Haggai in chapter one,verse five to six along with verses nine to eleven. NKJ Versionrecords, “give careful thought to your ways, you have planted much,but harvestedlittle…You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes init.”His extent and desire to give to Lord wasnot hindered by anything whatsoever. As an evangelist,he encouraged individuals to make a point of respecting AlmightyFather together with what they own.

Letourneauhad AveryGodly relationship with people around him family and colleagues bothemployees and individualsin business.His interaction with his family washer formed and molded by the Godlymorals and ideals to which he obeyed to the letter as a staunchbelieverinChrist. The way he took care of his wife laced with compassion andlove is the way he did to the entire family including extendedfamily. His unconditionallove and kindness to his wife and family wereimpressive and indeed admirable. His employees at theworkplaceenjoyedworking for his company. It is due to thecordialrelationship between him and staff,as their advisor together with theemployer.A good number of the employees copied the way he carried his life inGodly manner and as a businessperson. Due to his adviceand moral guidance to his employees saw some of his workers turn toChrist.

Letourneaurecords very encouraging quotes in his biography. “Ishovel out the money, and God shovels it back, but God has a biggershovel” (Letourneau, 1997). And when you know him, you will loveHim, and when you love Him, you will serve Him, and find the greatesthappiness in doing so that you will ever know” (Letourneau, 1967).According to these fool proofing quotes, he respected God as theoverall authority that protected and decided his course of life. Goddid so, both spiritually and businesswise. He adds thatGod is not the writer of backing miserable, it is human.In 1967 he also added that “The only difference between can andcan’t is a little extra effort” (Letourneau, 1967).

RGLetourneau, the forefather of Letourneau University is a case one cancopy.He implemented and practiced several biblical principlesin his work. Moreover, hetook himself as weaklingwho cannot make to navigate through the journey of life and hisbusiness with no the help of God. Consequently, he is a man thatshould beappreciatedamong the few first pioneers of evolution in the world andengineering aspect. As a student yet to earn a degree in thisUniversity, I endeavor to respect Christian virtues and faith in Godwith all my finances and life to see me through His ways ofrighteousness. It willenable metohold my head up always even when undergoing challenges in life(Letourneau, 2016).


Letourneau,R. (2016). Mover of Men and Mountains . In R. Letourneau, Moverof Men and Mountains(pp. 1 – 100). New York: Moody Press.

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