My Interest in George Tech

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MyInterest in George Tech

Whilesearching for a school to satisfy my unquenchable thirst forengineering skills, I had an idea of an institution that wouldprovide new opportunities. Georgia Tech is one such institution. Inaddition to its ranking, location and distinguished contrivance inathletics, the college coalesces engineering and art, an attributethat one would not find in any other institution. When I visited theschool, my heart warmed to the aesthetic sculptures that complementthe engineering background. Surprisingly, the two unrelated areasfall into place in this institution. Although I have always wanted topursue engineering, I have never lost my interest for art. Theinstitution is the perfect place for me to prove to my family membersthat the antagonism between art and science can be reconciled(Gouldner 5). Georgia Tech presents students with an opportunity toperfect in engineering while acquiring useful skills in art and itwould be the most appurtenant institution for me.

IfI had an opportunity to create a class, I would reinforce what GeorgeTech portrays, art and science complementing each other. I wouldindulge in facilitating an environment whereby students and teacherswould apply the ideas learned in social sciences to engineering. Anumber of my friends who capitalize in engineering often complain ofsocial sciences such as history and ethics as an unnecessary burden.However, I believe that the two are closely related. For example, Ihave applied ethics when conceiving an engineering design. Therefore,providing an abstract idea of how the two can be integrated for anall-round student can dispel the negativity towards social sciencethat most students consider unnecessary (Gouldner 5). Consequently,the move would draw a profound comprehension of both studies thatwould trigger students’ interest to draw complementary ideas fromthem.


Gouldner,Alvin W. &quotExplorations in applied social science.&quotSociologicalPractice7.1 (2014): 5.

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