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MyStory as a Learner via Imagination

Asa young kid, I always found myself in quite some imaginary situationthat I created and controlled myself. Sometimes the imagination wasso real that I could stay in that fantasy world for hours and attimes it only occupied minutes in my world. My imaginations went wildin some instants to the extent that I would force those around me toplay a character in my fiction.

Ofall my imagination, there is one that I can confidently say helped intransforming my life around. Most of what I am today are because ofthe imaginations that I had as a child.

Ifound myself engulfed in a fantasy world where I was a respected manin the society because of the wealth that I accumulated and the waythat I was interacting with the immediate community in this fantasyworld of mine. In this life, I was a successful businessman who hadrisen from a humble background and a family that had nothing to showoff regarding success. Through my hard work and determination, I wasalways performing above average in school a thing that gave me entryinto an excellent institution of higher learning. In the university,I studied a business course that equipped me with strong entrepreneurand problem-solving skills. After my graduation, I was attached inone of the most famous and prestigious companies in the country. Mysocial status in this ideal community of mine was also elevated bythe fact that I was a strong believer in religion a thing that gaveme a chance to mingle with those who were considered righteous andpure. Also, I was actively involved in some charity organizationswhich even brought me more closely with the community.

Itreached a time where I was fully obsessed with this dream to a pointwhere every free time that I had, my mind would automatically wonderinto this world and it somehow started worrying me as now I wasdaydreaming1.The imagination was now taking a large junk of my time making me toeven want to turn it into a realty.

Rolesplayed by this imagination in my life

Tenacitychanged me into an individual who always knew that a mixture ofdetermination and hard work will always give a positive output. Backin my mind, I convinced myself that I had what it takes to make theimagination a reality thou I had no single idea of where to start.All I knew was that I had to give all I can to transverse theimagination into a reality. Having surpassed my first obstacle,believing that I had what it takes to convert myself into aproductive and respectable man in the society, I was now tasked withovercoming another obstacle, working to my best ability. Given thefact that it was impossible for my family to provide me with the bestpossible education that money could buy, I knew that I had to dosomething extraordinary to achieve the dream that has arisen from myimagination.

Knowingthat I lacked the financial means to get myself into a good schoolthat will make it easy for me to transform this vision into areality, I started doing small works after school. Working afterschool was to raise enough funds, but soon it dawns on me that thisside hustle would never get me the money that I wanted to get myselfa better education. So I learned to change my path by focusing on onething which was the full sponsorship deal that was always awarded tothose kids who performed extremely well in academics and showedimmense disciple.

Channelingall my effort into a particular thing is a trait that I developedfrom the imagination that I had. I spent some quality times on myeducation and shuttered all those things that were distracting me asI realized that being a jack of all trades was only going to make melose focus on my academics. After the imagination, I started workingharder than usual, a thing that has significantly helped me.Sincerely speaking, I was not that much of a hard worker until Istarted chasing this imagination.

Giventhe fact that I was a religious person and participated in a numberof charity events in my imagination, I knew that I had to seekreligious help. I channeled some of my time into seeking religiouseducation a thing that made me realized how it is a basic requirementfor a person to be humble to everybody without discriminating. Also,I started attending a number of charity events a move that made mefamous and well known among those individual that were organizingthese events.

Howmy imagination was sparked

Thereare those things that can spark imagination, and in my case, it wasnot different. Some things contributed to my imagination. Things thatsparked my imagination are somehow related which make it hard topinpoint them individually, but there are those facts that clearlystand tall from others. One of the things that sparked my imaginationwas the playing along that I always found myself enjoying. Most ofthe times when we were role playing with other kids, every childalways wanted to play that part of an individual who was wealthy andfamous as they believe that was all that one needs to be aninfluential person in the community. Every time that our imaginationleads us into role playing, I fought hard to make sure that I wasgiven this part as it was my favorite. This role play played asignificant role in sparking my imagination as I soon realized that Ishould extend the imagination into my real life. As I grew up, I usedto get outside a lot and sometimes visit my friends who were well offas compared to my family and this sparked my imagination. Gettingoutside played a big part in sparking my imagination as it helped inpainting a real picture in my mind that I could relate with during myimaginations. At the same time, there are those individual that Iencountered when I was a child that helped in sparking myimagination. For example, my Sunday school teacher used to encourageeverybody that they should know that they can become anything thatthey imagined if they put enough effort into trying to achieve theirwildest imagination. So they were those times that I could justimagine something big and beautiful with the knowledge that I willone day reach.

Again,there were those individual in my neighborhood who were successful inlife. At any given time that I saw these individual, the thought ofme being like them would immediately sneak into the back of my mind.Those who were considered well off in the society that I grew insparked my imagination even without them knowing.

Changethat the learning through imagination brought to my life.

Fromthe imagination, I was able to realize that I can manipulate my mindby shifting into a perception that is new to me as an individual.Just like massage can be defined as soft tissue manipulation,imagination can also be defined as an activity that widens the brainof a person and in the process giving those individual a betterunderstanding of challenging situations.

Withelped me to realize that I can transform my life in any directionthat I want if I stay focused. Before the imagination, I believedthat my life was already set, and there is nothing that I could do tochange it, but this changed when the imagination came to and realizedthat the success of my life greatly depends on my day to dayactivities. The imagination implanted the thirst of being successfulin my life and I had to do everything to make sure that I quenchedthis thirst. The thirst of being successful in my life helped merealize the suffering that had camouflaged deep inside me, and thismotivated me into working harder. Without the imagination, there wasnothing that could have motivated me to work extra hard as all thosearound me were contended with what they had so they so no need forputting an extra effort to elevate their social status or evenimprove their financial muscles.

AlthoughI was from a humble family, I was not a religious person as my familywas not keen when it comes to religious matters. I slowly startedtransforming into a religious child a move that helped me understandand respect my peers.

Imaginationis a very powerful tool in the development of a child as the fivesenses cannot be used interpreted it. It gives the mind of anindividual to construct virtual objects, scenes or events that can beimplemented in real life. Although every person as the ability tocome up with their imagination, it is clearly documented that thereare those individuals whose imagination are strong when compared toothers. Although imagination is a positive thing for the generalgrowth of a child, it should always be controlled as too much ofanything will always turn out to be poisonous. Making sure that thisdoes not turn out to be poisonous, it is recommended that childrenshould not be left or given excess time which will make their minddrown because of daydreaming. Imagination can take an individual inany desired place in a split of a second, and it is advised that anindividual should always try as much as possible only to imaginethings that will add value to both their lives and those around them.


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