Natural Disasters

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Naturaldisasters are caused by either earth movements or extreme weatherevents or supplementary of other natural disasters. They includeearthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes,extreme cold and hot weathers, mudslides, floods, famine, andlandslides among others. Unfortunately, they occur unpredictably andwithout a warning (Shahn.p).Appropriate actions to limit the loss of life and further destructioncan be taken, though it is impossible to stop the disaster. Among theabove-mentioned natural disasters, earthquakes are my great concern.Earthquake refers to the shaking of the earth’s surface, and itmanifests itself by shaking, vibration, and in some cases,displacement of the ground. According to Evans(n.p),slippage is the leading cause of earthquakes. Regrettably, they haveseveral adverse consequences. Firstly, earthquakes cause death anddestruction of properties such as buildings and bridges. Further,they can damage electric power line, and correspondingly cause afire. For instance, the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, more deathswere caused by fire rather than the earthquake itself (Evan n.p).Secondly, they cause population displacement. When the earthquakeravages a region, many people abandon their home and relocate toother places to seek shelter, as well as food. Thirdly, they causefood scarcity. Thousands of people go hungry because crops aredestroyed. Accordingly, the food prices rise, and the risk of severemalnutrition increase because most low-income families are unable topurchase nutritious food. Lastly, earthquakes cause emotionalaftershock and trauma, especially in young children. Hewitt (56) urgethat victims of natural disaster develop post-traumatic stressdisorder, which may develop into extreme trauma or permanentpsychological problem. Additionally, many people are left withinjuries and permanent disabilities.


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