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New York City

The first thing that rings in a person’s mind upon mentioning thegreatest cities around the world is New York. In the journey of life,individuals always move towards quality and surely, New York City isone of the places that can grant this opportunity. The Economistconcedes that this city is the financial capital of the world withdiversity and inclusion in cultural activities. Moreover, it islocated at the Hudson River’s mouth in the state of NewYork, in the southeastern part. Accordingto the History, New York City is the best place to live if one dreamsof advancing in financial strength.

New York has wealthy landmarks that you can enjoy viewing. Thelandmarks range from the one World TradeCenter, the Empire State Building, theMetropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of NaturalHistory. These landmarks are well known all over the world,and many people will die to see them, but for you, they are right atyour disposal. As you move around the city, thereare guides that are live, entertaining and informative. Again,there are commentaries that are recordedall meant to make your life comfortable andenjoyable. Time Out describes these best places to be in NewYork. The Statue of Liberty is 125 years old and is one of theworld’s most visited and admired statues. The Chrysler building isan epitome of art. The skyscrapers in the city give a beautifulskyline in addition to the breeze from theAtlantic Ocean, and the Hudson River. Aboard a plane, you can betempted to tell the pilot just to hoverover the city for that spectacular view.

Between the end of May and September, the conditions are usually ofsummer. Again, there are fewer greenhouseemissions as compared to cities in other states because the city usesmass transit. It also receives around 1,270 mm of precipitation thatis distributed fairly.Moreover, rarely will you hear of storms of the tropics andhurricanes in New York. Shopping malls are right outside anyresidential areas with little efforts needed to travel for you to buyanything. Moreover, there are transportation areas like bus stations,cabs, train stations, ships, and airports. The airports handle bothlocal and international flights. For instance, the John F KennedyInternational Airport operates more than200 flights that are international in a day. Others include NewJersey’s Newark Internal Airport and Queens’ LaGuardia Airport.The Penn Station, Metro Liner high-speedrail line and others stations easetransportation. The Atlantic Ocean and the Hudson River offer a greatopportunity for people to enjoy at the beach.

Any city that accommodates diversity in culture is worth inhabiting.Baruch College describes this city as the world’s capital ofculture. It is the place of birth of many cultures like the HarlemRenaissance, Jazz,Hip Hop music and it has given a platform of stardom to stars likeJay-Z, 50 Cent,and Nas. Other arts include salsa, freestyle, disco, punk, Tin PanAlley and painting. New York is nicknamedthe world’s capital of dance. Again, it has beenused as a setting for many books,movies, and stories among others. These features bring diversity, aphenomenon that has hiked the city’s prominence. Moreover, the NewYork week of fashion has an extensivecoverage in both local and international media. Also,there are many interactive sessions like the movie theaters,election campaigns, touring areas, transport sections, and games likethe National Basketball Associations’ series. These interactiveareas have brought cohesiveness and oneness in the city. People carefor one another, and archaiccultures like racism are long gone in NewYork.

At no point will you see an African-American scolda white person or vice versa. It means that there isincreased humanity and diversity. Crime rates are minimal. TheNew York Police Department records minimal cases of crime as comparedto other cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Minnesota,and others. This is an improvement becausethe city has the largest population than any other in the UnitedStates. Foreign citizens love this city because of the culturaldiversity. When you stroll downtown, youwill be able to see many different nationals ranging from the French,Germans, Britons, Africans, and Asians among others. New York is aplace with a vibrant culture.

Intriguingly, New York is a global center of the economy.According to the Atlantic, New York has the mainstream financialbenefits to the American economy. It has finance and bankingactivities, world trade, tourism, healthcare, retail, transportation,traditional and new media, accounting, legal activities, fashion,insurance, theater, real estate, art amongmany others. With confidence, the city claims a complete hub with aworld feature because everything is available here. The Economistrates real estate as the powerhouse of NewYork’s economy and it stood at 915 billion dollars in the fiscalyear 2015. Some of the most valued real estates in the world arefound in New York. One of the real estatesis the Park Avenue that was sold for 510million dollars. If you are interested in an investmentlike every other person, the city has the best market for you.Chocolate and other candies are the best-selling items in the city.Housing is affordable because a decent apartment with one bedroom cancost an average of 1000 dollars in a month. Consideringthe standard security and safety, this price is worth. Again,transportation is swift. Daily foodstuffs for consumption are readilyavailable and affordable ranging from 2 dollars to as much as 1000.Therefore, the city is well adjusted to suit anybody’s economicprofile.

In conclusion, New York City is located at Hudson River’s mouthand is exposed to the breeze of theAtlantic Ocean. There is plenty that it offers, rangingfrom art, architecture, entertainment, infrastructure, communication,media and many others. The buildings like the Chrysler and EmpireState are beautiful and attractive to view. Visiting the Hudson Riverand the proximity tothe beaches of the Atlantic Ocean is enough to have all the fun inthe world. It has an international economic status and diverseculture that anyone would wish to have. Given an opportunity toreside in New York City, do not blow it awaybecause there is no any place like this in the world.


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