Nursing Theory

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Atheory is a set of values and principles that give a detailedexplanation about something. Just like other disciplines, nursingfield has some theories that serve as guiding pillar to itsactivities. Some theorists contributed to the development of thesetheories they include Katie Eriksson, Jean Watson, Nola Pender,Lydia Hall among others (Alligood, M. R.,2014). Nursing theoriesinclude transcultural, self-care t, interpersonal and the needtheories. Upon the joining nursing classes, the best theory I wouldincorporate into my curriculum is the interpersonal theory. Reasonsfor my selection are in proceeding paragraphs.


Itis a middle range theory in which Hildegard Peplau was the founder.It gives the core reason for nursing as to help other realize thedifficulties they endure. It focuses on the enhancement of therelationship that exists between a patient and the nurse. Therefore,incorporating it into my nursing curriculum will help me to grow withrequired interpersonal skills, thus creating a good workingatmosphere with my patients (Alligood.,2014). Through it, I candevelop good interpersonal skill regarding communication andintegration with the client.

Theinterpersonal nursing theory allows patient and his nurse to worktogether efficiently. Learning from one another takes place betweenthe client and the nurse in case they have diversified skills in thistheory (Alligood.,2014). Therefore, incorporating it into my nursingprogram would help me acquire interaction skills which consequently,will enable me to become knowledgeable and diversified throughlearning from others.

Throughinterpersonal theory, I can learn to be an organized nurse. Toachieve this, I can create a cohesive working atmosphere withpatients through setting achievable goals among other. These areexamples of the factors that help to reduce the tension andfrustrations in a patient. Through this, my nursing career becomessimplified (Alligood.,2014).

Inconclusion, the above paragraphs explain the theory I would choose tointergrade in my nursing program. However, despite the positive side,this theory has some negative perspectives. They include it has aleast emphasis and promotion about health, it is inapplicable inpatients with felt needs among others.


Alligood,M. R. (2014). Nursing theorists and their work. Elsevier HealthSciences.

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