Ophthalmic Disorders Case Report

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OphthalmicDisorders Case Report

OphthalmicDisorders Case Report


Fromthe symptoms listed by the patient, he is likely to be suffering fromRetinal Detachment condition(Dollé &amp Niederreither, 2015). Thecondition here is indeed a severe eye condition that occurs whenthere is the separation of the retina from those tissues thatsurrounds it. Retina of this kind are not capable of workingproperly based on these conditions and at the same time (Dollé&amp Niederreither, 2015),the patient may end up losing his vision permanently if the retinathat is detached does not get the prompt repair.


Thediagnosis test for the retinal detachment condition entails adilation of the eyes of the patient by the physician(Dollé &amp Niederreither, 2015). Inthis case, the physician is at the opportunity of knowing if theretina of the patient is attached. For the sake of avoiding visionloss from detached retina, it is advisable for one to go for earlydiagnosis tests.

PossibleTreatment Options

Severaloptions for treatment of detached retina are available. The optionshere are

  1. Laser (thermal) or freezing (cryopexy).

Earlydiagnosis lead may result in the repair of retina following the useof this method

  1. Pneumatic retinopexy.

Themethod here is suitable for the condition of retinal detachment whenit is still small and easy to close(Dollé &amp Niederreither, 2015). Inthis case, there is an injection of a small gas bubble into the eyein the clear gel related substance that lies between the lens andretina. The injected bubble then rises and causes compression on theretina thus leading to the closure of the tear.

  1. Scleral buckle

Thetreatment option here entails the surgical sewing of the band ofsilicon or buckle that appears in the white section of the eye or thesclera(Dollé &amp Niederreither, 2015). Theprocess leads to a pushing of sclera near tear until the moment itresults in healing of the damage.


Dollé,P. &amp Niederreither, K. (2015). Theretinoids.Hoboken: Wiley.

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