Orange is the New Black

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Orangeis the New Black

Orangeis the New Black

PiperKerman`s objective in the novel is to shed light on certain aspectsof the television show, “Orangeis the New Black.”She uses the piece to provide potential directions to the viewers ofthe film. In addition, she takes the characters, one after another,to make the memoir add more experience to the show. Kerman`s corepurpose in both her novel and the film remains to expose the flaws inthe American justice system.

Inthe novel, Kerman presents the Justice system in a way that viewersare made to see the ideal of corruption and how it dictates thepossibility of one’s freedom. For example, within the prisondepartment, a couple of women are left to suffer in enslavement sincethey are unable to pay for the requisite bonds. She narrates thatwhile she takes only a few months in confinement, other fellowprisoners spend longer periods regardless of the similarity in theircrimes. Additionally, in the novel, there is Pop, a Russian woman whoworks in the kitchen but the situation of the prison forces her todress and act rather distinctly. The only time when Pop realizes asense of relief is when she develops a nearly-maternal rapport withPiper. This shows the level by which the captives aspire certainfeatures, but they are unable to get them while still in detention.

Similarly,in the film, Kerman demonstrates the weaknesses in the criminalsegment by exposing the immoral behaviors of the police and how theiractions affect the prisoners. Piper criticizes the situation in thecamp and how the personnel there lack action. She notes that she hasnever seen any moment when the police have ever acted to protect adecent behavior. Nonetheless, there are lots of circumstances whenhomosexuality is encouraged rather than being prevented. But still,one character, Suzanne seems to be ready to transform the nature ofthe prison. Her version of the novel is Morena, “a Latin woman whomakes her endeavors to delegate for justice in more calculated ways.”In these cases, Kerman attempts to ensure that her audiences in bothcases remain the citizens of American where the justice system allowsinmates to find freedom based on their financial capability.

Inthe two scenarios, Kerman uses the idea of smuggling as a basis toexplain corruption. In the book, smuggling is largely done byvisitors who carry illegal imports to the person. Equally, in thefilm, there is no indication that Rosemarie’s fiancé has immoralintentions. He visits her on a weekly basis and no one, except thepolice, knows that he is attempting to smuggle a ring alongside otherillegal stuff. Through this, Kerman wishes to make her audiences tounderstand the encounters of convicts and envisage what goes onwithin the American prison. Additionally, she aspires to prompt womento air their voices regarding the current situation of prisons.

Inboth her works, Kerman had in mind that every personnel within theCriminal Justice System would form the background of her addressees.In this perspective, after analyzing the film and finalizing with thenovel, they would realize the evils that are prevalent in theirdominion and endeavor to make things better. While the movie is inthe setting of a domain where the Criminal Justice System is regardedas biased, the novel attempts to make Kerman’s audiences have inmind that most prisoners are in confinement for nonexistent reasons.

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