Organizational Development

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Developingan organization from scratch involves coming up with the best systemthat utilizes the capacity of the firm and is in line with themission so as to sustain long-term corporate activities. Thedevelopment process links mission achievement with the type ofmanagement involved. In the course of ensuring that a businesssurvives, a need arises to evaluate all the contributing stakeholders(Huse, 2015). The management will control and coordinate all thepartaking parties directly or indirectly in the operations of thecompany. In order to ensure the success of the institution, thefollowing core elements must be taken into consideration whilecoordinating the stakeholders.

TheMission, Vision, and Values

Forthe group to move as a single entity with every party`s interestconsidered, the mission, vision and values of the organization mustbe stated and explained clearly (Guerrero &amp Fenwick, 2014). In asituation where there is a need for change, it may call forredefining of the organization’s mission. Therefore, the executivesshould ensure that the staff, members, directors and all stakeholdersunderstand and embrace the mission, vision, and values of theenterprise.

Methodof Governance

Inmaking critical decisions affecting the performance and effectivenessof the organization, the method, and chain of command matters. Toachieve the goals, I will ensure that I constitute a strong team ofdirectors from all departments. The board will create policies andassist the managers in implementing these policies. In dischargingtheir duties, I will develop an initiative to create a good rapportwith the staff and board members for apt management. Through theboard, the tempo of the organization`s culture is set and the role ofeach stakeholder well defined. The team will also resolve anydisputes and help in planning for the main activities of the company.

Planningand Thinking Strategically

Aprogram acts as the route for all activities to be carried out. Toensure that the set objectives and goals are achieved, a clear roadmap has to be made. The absence of a strategic plan will lead tocrisis and short deadlines and emergencies that only result incompromised performance (Guerrero &amp Fenwick2014). Through a setof programs to be followed, items will be prioritized and focus madeon specific goals by having a strategic plan and thinking, alldivisions in the organization will make important decisions that arein line with the set priorities. The organization will also be in aposition to evaluate staff, programs and board performance. For thebusiness to survive, the strategic plan will be flexible toaccommodate changes.

Evaluation,Accountability Aand Learning

Accordingto the case study, organizational development brings together severalfactors of production. The use of these resources calls fortransparency and accountability. For effectiveness in management,accountability should be all way round that is the organization beingaccountable to project participants, members, constituents andfunders (Huse, 2015). I will ensure that all activities areevaluated and to learn from our failures and success. Throughevaluating, the effectiveness of the company will be increased theworkers will be satisfied and able to learn from their colleaguesfrom other businesses.

Managementof Human Resources

Workersin any organization are the most valuable resources. The developmentand management of people are necessary. I will bring the boardcompetent and skilled workers and train them to embrace theorganization`s culture. Stakeholders will be handled with respect andopportunities and services they require given to them for a conduciveworking environment.


Increating a corporate group, several factors come to play. How thesefactors are handled may lead to success or downfall of a company.Good governance, setting priorities, adhering to organization missionand vision, setting the culture and compliance to the laws arefundamental elements to effective organizational development.


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