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Last year, I made an order for headphones from the online retailer,Amazon. As stipulated on the company’s website, I was to receivethe item within 24 hours after ordering. It so happened that on theday I was scheduled to receive the item I had planned to enjoy musicwith my friends. Therefore, on that day of delivery, I stayed indoorswaiting for my delivery. I waited for the delivery all day long, butno one showed up with my headphones. After the 24 hours elapsed at3PM, I made a call to Amazon and that was when I learned theheadphones I had made an order for were out of stock. It would takeanother 24 hours to have them delivered. I had no choice but tocancel the hangout because the following day was a Monday and I hadclass engagements.

I was not satisfied with the company’s communication of thesituation. I had stayed indoors all day waiting for an item that wasalready out of stock. To make the matter worse, the company did notcommunicate to me early enough for me to change the plans I had forthe day. I had to call for me to receive the bad news. I wonder whatwould have happened had I not made the call. I believe that in timesof disappointment and failed agreements, businesses should becourteous enough to tell the affected person in advance.Businessesshould be sure that they would deliver a good before committing.

Amazon tried to remedy the situation by offering an apology andpromising to deliver the headphones in the next 24 hours. Then again,they made a delayed delivery on the following day. I was verydisappointed in the level of service offered by the online firmrespected as a worldwide retailer.

I could not help but wonder what could have happened had I beenresiding in a remote village on the islands of China. Since therecovery was unsatisfactory, I decided never to buy anything on theonline retailer again. I decided that from then onwards I would bebuying items from my local stores after I came to the conclusion thathuman being were yet to attain the level of efficiency exhibited bymachines. If it ever happens that I am compelled to buy an itemonline, I would rather buy it from a smaller online retailer who doesnot have too many orders than he can handle.

If I were the retailer, I would invest in a better stock trackingsystem. I would buy a system that will not indicate that an item isout of stock a few hours to its delivery deadline. Such a system willentail good software and personnel who are dedicated in their work.The system might be expensive, but it saves the company from overheadcosts that arises from delayed orders including phone bills andpersonnel staying idle. It also promotes the image of the company asa reliable retailer. Most importantly, the company cannot attach amonetary cost to the brand image and customer satisfaction. No costis too expensive when it comes to maintaining the latter.

As a businessperson, the most effective remedy is to deliver the itemin the shortest possible time-even if it means hiring some people towork overtime. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to customersatisfaction, no monetary cost can be attached to it. It is thereforeimportant for firms to employ all methods possible, includingtechnology to ensure that their stock information is accurate, and iswell communicated to the consumers. If Amazon had perfected this, theincident would not have happened to me.

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