Personal statement Living with a learning difference

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Personalstatement: Living with a learning difference


Personalstatement: Living with a learning difference

Ittook me a while before I could realize that I had a learningdifference. When I was young, I did not understand what a learningdisability was, but I knew that some things were hard. I struggledto follow directions and learning was difficult, especially graspingmathematics concepts. Memorization was a big challenge, and it tookme extra classes and time to learn basic ideas. Failure to learnvarious skills as fast as others always made me feel out of place,embarrassed, and afraid. However, I have managed to overcome most ofthese challenges through family support and health care assistance.

Irealized that I had to work on my self-awareness at the initialstages of identification of my learning disability. I acknowledgedthat I had a learning disability and sought intervention measuressuch as counseling, visited learning disability professional, andtherapists. I thank my parents for standing by my side throughout thecourse of my studies and health care treatment. I attribute thatself-confidence, I have acquired, to my parents for consistentlymaking me feel that I was able to do anything.

Ihave learned that living with a learning disability does not make anindividual less of a person, but it is a condition that presents anindividual with the opportunity to explore different attributestowards achieving success. I have actively been involved in a broadrange of social activities within the community, family, and friends.All these strategies have helped in developing my confidence andself-awareness. I am not a quitter, neither do I back away fromchallenging situations. Despite repeated failure, I seek alternativeways of solving my problems and accomplish the desired goal.

Growingup with a learning difference condition has not been easy, thoughlearning to accept my condition and ways through which I can overcomemy hurdles has taught me myriad life-changing lessons. I have come tocomprehend that asking questions and seeking clarifications helps mebetter learn and understand. For instance, I would ask my math classteacher specific questions that not only involved what but also whyhe was doing to arrive at a calculation solution. I promise to carryon with my learning charisma and provide the best academic grades andperformance.

Asa student living with a learning disability, I have amassed widelearning skills and attributes over the years through my associationsand therapist lessons. I understand the challenges I face as astudent, and I have developed a learning strategy that helps a lot inmy studies. I can relate well with my peers with zero or minimalsocial challenges. This opportunity will help me sharpen my learningskills, meet new students, and continue improving my learningdisability condition.

Asan applicant, I am sure that I will bring enthusiasm and motivationin class and work extra hard to accomplish academic success. Mybackground on cultural awareness and ethics is excellent and willutilize all skills at my disposal to ensure I meet and surpassteacher’s expectations. I believe I am dedicated, responsible, agood listener and hard working. My exemption from foreign languageswill not have any implication to my learning and performance. I thinkthis college will suit me well because it will offer me theopportunity to learn and work independently for a good cause.

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