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Sincemy early days as a teenager, various factors have often motivated meto gain new experiences and make the best out of every opportunitythat I receive. Among these factors has always been curiosity. As aresult, despite the challenging school environment, I always wantedto help people and make positive impacts on the community. I havebelieved that I can make meaningful contributions to the society if Ibecome a registered medical doctor.

Severalthings shaped or instilled in me the desire to join the medicalprofession. First, my high school experience was unique in its way.Initially, I believed that school was just a place to make friend andeducation was just a second priority. However, after interacting withprofessionals in the medical field and being exposed to relatedmaterials in school and at home, I managed to mature, and myperception of education changed for the better. I soon realized thata school was a great place and it was full of opportunities. To me,education played a crucial role in distilling processes that are seenas complex and make them simple and attainable.

Mydesire to attend medical school to pursue a career in neurosurgery isbased on personal experiences and knowledge I have gained by readingjournals and other academic articles. Personally, I think the brainis quite fascinating, and the fact that enough research has not beendone in the area indicate that there are a lot of opportunities thatneed to be explored. In high school, I always enjoyed scienceclasses, especially biology, and chemistry and after reading a lotabout the human brain and how it operates, I became interested inpursuing a related course.

Inrelation to my envisioned profession, I have undertaken severalactivities that are related to health care and neurosurgery to bespecific. For a start, I have always tried to maintain a healthylife. My average week consists of homework, workouts, and churchbecause I believe that holistic growth is necessary for personaldevelopment. I have tried to make some connection with renownedresearchers and doctors to have a better understanding of what theprogram entail. I have also taken part in community services with theaim of making my school and the community a better place. During thisperiod, I utilized my critical thinking skills to solve dailychallenges such as waste management among others.

Apartfrom the academic details, I am also a team player and believe thatwhen people unite for a common course, they always achieve more. Ihave good interpersonal and communication skills because I believethat how an individual interact with his or her patients affect theeffectiveness of the intervention used in disease management. Apartfrom the laboratory diagnosis, physicians need to interact with theirclients so as to connect with them emotionally and psychologically(Hultman at al. 6). I am an outgoing person who is interested inresearch and science as a whole. I management to develop myleadership skills when I was a member of the debate club in highschool. As a leader, I resolved disputes and also took part inseveral mediation talks for group members when there were conflicts.

Lastly,I am a motivated person who is team driven and ready to learn newthings. Your institution is perfect because it has a huge name and asa result, it will give me a competitive advantage in the job marketthus enabling me to become a prominent person in my field. On top ofthis personal statement, I am also open for any interviews. Lookingforward to your positive response.


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