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Aworldview is a fundamental commitment, a significant orientation ofthe soul that can be outlined in a story or in the form of anassumption which may be truthful, semi-truthful or false as held byan individual regarding the reality that offers a personalfoundation. Spirituality has many definitions with respect todifferent world views. Specifically, the paper focuses on the conceptof pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism to provide an insight intothe theme of personal worldview.

Conceptof Pluralism

Pluralismworldview is an element where a group in the minority categorydevelops a common belief while depending on acceptance and diversity,but with an essential trait aiming to benefit every person byrecognizing that other beliefs are true as well(Kliot &amp Waterman, 2015).The pluralism framework is independent and maintains the group’stradition but also respect the worldview of others as true orpartially correct, hence proving how the minority community istolerant (Eagleton,2013)..&nbsp

TheConcept of Scientism

Theperception is based on scientific methodology where ideas can beverified or falsified, and any that is not measurable becomes a merebelief, opinion or fantasy. The hypothesis bases on the notion thatany thought that exists has a proof as validated by an appropriatescientific method and other current advancements the field ofscience. The view claims that empirical science is the best way ofauthorizing perspective and excluding other beliefs (Eagleton,2013)..

TheConcept of Postmodernism

Theviewpoint accepts that science is decisive in the understanding ofhow something came existence. However, it is not the only process ofexplaining the meaning of life, and attests that the primary elementof the world is energy which can undergo manipulation (Eagleton,2013).


First,prime reality refers to the cosmos in the material form or aninfinite God that has a personality as revealed in the HolyScriptures which are triune in nature. Mainly, the features of suchGod cannot be comprehended by studying the cosmos but from the divinerevelation of that God. The Trinity enables people to comprehend thatGod is communal and individuals can have a relation with him in apersonal way. The God is also omniscient, sovereign, transcendent,good and immanent. He is not merely an existing being which hasnothing to do with the plight of humanity and another element of thecosmos(Berdyaev &amp Reavey, 2014).

TheNature of the Surrounding World

Itis the aspects that an individual can interact with through touch,observation, smell or hearing. As Kliot&amp Waterman (2015) rightly puts it,the surrounding world of humans encompasses physical, spiritual andphysical nature.

WhatHuman Being is

Thefist definition is that a human being is a creature that can questionprinciples and concepts with the aim of providing meaning to theirexistence. Moreover, scientists view the human being as an organicmachine with the ability to program different elements in theirsurrounding and come up with an interpretation of occurrences aroundthem. Lastly, theist considers human beings as a creature made in theimage and likeness of God(Berdyaev &amp Reavey, 2014).&nbsp.

WhatHappens to a Person at Death?

Peoplewonder what follows an individual when he or she dies, and there aredifferent worldviews concerning the destiny of a dead person. Forexample, the individual is destined to heaven or hell, humanreincarnation, or transformation to an advanced state. InChristianity, people go to heaven as a reward for living a worthylife, but every person should avoid intentional death concerninghimself or another individual. Other cultures such as the Africantradition believe that people get reincarnated, and that is why theyname children after dead ancestors(Berdyaev &amp Reavey, 2014).&nbsp.

Whyis it Possible to Know Anything?

Thefirst explanation is that humanity is created in the image of anall-knowing God who moulded every person with the capability tounderstand things and thus allowing people to absorb information andknowledge. The second exposition is that human beings are rationaland conscious as a way of surviving in the process of evolution andsuch concept help them to understand issues(Berdyaev &amp Reavey, 2014).

HowPeople Know What is Right or Wrong

Dependingon the family believes in terms of morality and what is ethicallyaccepted in the society by each parent is vital in helping perceivewhat is good and evil by instilling ethics in us from the time ofinfancy. The second aspect is by the laws and regulations of aparticular nation where specialists educate citizens on their rightsas well things that are in the category of violation of the nationalconstitution. Moreover, religions, for example Christians, are taughtby their faith and church to use the Bible as a guide to determinewhat is right and wrong(Berdyaev &amp Reavey, 2014).

TheMeaning of Human History

Somescholars claim that the history of humanity represents chronologicalsequences of natural things that just happened and got recorded. Inthe Bible, a definition of human revolves around creation, fall, andredemption because God always controls every activity in the world,signifying that all occurrences have a purpose. The human history,therefore, reflects the way God has a plan for every individual andHe is implementing it because He made man to fellowship with Him butman sinned, yet still He developed a way of reunion(Berdyaev &amp Reavey, 2014).


Itis noteworthy that every person has a worldview that shapes how hecarries out his life and the way he defines himself. Therefore,worldview is the central position of the heart of all humanity. Theconcept thus forms a necessary foundation for self-awareness,self-knowledge and personal understating.


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