Pharmacist Career Research Paper Outline

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PharmacistCareer Research Paper



  1. An interesting story related to my career as a pharmacist

  2. My career choice and reasons why I became interested in it

  3. My personality type and set of skills and how they match with my career choice

  4. Thesis statement


  1. Description of the career

  1. The kind of work that a pharmacist will do

  2. The responsibilities of a pharmacist

  1. The work environment

  1. Type of work environment. Office or outdoors?

  2. Amount of stress

  3. Amount of travelling needed

  1. Salary

  1. The expected salary

  2. Salary for the employees in the median range

  3. Salary for the employees in the low range

  4. Salary for the employees in the high range

  1. The job outlook

  1. The job outlook of a pharmacist

  2. How the employment of a pharmacist is expected to grow

  3. Availability of jobs after graduation

  1. Annual salary

  1. Annual salary needed to maintain a desired living standard in Houston

  2. Availability of money for the necessities

  3. Availability of money for savings


  1. Synthesis of the researched career information

  2. Comparison of the cost of living in Houston to other cities

  3. The local volunteer organizations or charities in Houston and the use of the acquired skills in serving the community.

  4. Conclusion

  1. Analysis of the information

  2. Obstacles and ways of overcoming them.

APharmacist Career

Afew years ago when I was still in high school, I changed my careerchoice from nursing to that of a pharmacist. As a high schoolstudent, I visited a pharmacy many times and spent a lot of timethere. The reason I went to the pharmacy was to pick up somemedications for my two siblings my younger brother was epilepticwhile my sister who is our last born was asthmatic. I, therefore, hadto visit the pharmacy to pick up the seizure medication for myyounger brother and asthma medication for my sister. In my heart, Ifelt that being a pharmacist would be my best career since I was ahardworking, compassionate, emphatic, and caring person (TypeFocus,n.d).

APharmacist Career

Asa pharmacist, the work I would be doing includes dispensingprescription medications to the patients and offering my expertise inthe use of the prescriptions. I would also be conducting screeningsin health and wellness, providing immunizations, advising patients onhealthy lifestyle and overseeing the medications that I have given topatients.

Myduties and responsibilities as a pharmacist would be fillingprescriptions, verifying the instructions sent from physicians on thecorrect amounts of medication that should be given to patients,giving instructions to patients on how and when they should takeprescribed medication, vaccinating children and giving flu shots, andadvising the patients about health topics such as stress management,diet, and exercise (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016). Otherresponsibilities would be keeping records and doing otheradministrative tasks, completing insurance forms and then workingwith insurance companies to make sure that patients can get themedications they need (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016).


Asa pharmacist, I will mostly work in a hospital, healthcare facility,and pharmacy or even in a drug store or a grocery. Pharmacists workin an office setting where they spend most of the time on their feet.In most settings, most of them work full time and also on nights andweekends since many pharmacies are open throughout the day and hencework in high-stress environment.


In2015, the medium wage made by the pharmacists per year was $ 121,500. This median wage refers to the wage at which half of the workers inpharmacy earned than that amount and half earned less (OccupationalOutlook Handbook, 2016). The low range in the salary was $ 86,790while the high range was $ 154,040.


Itis expected that the employment of pharmacists will grow. It has beenprojected to grow 3 percent from 2014 to 2024 (OOH, 2016). The demandfor pharmacists has been projected to increase in several healthcaresettings such as hospitals and clinics. Although the competition forjobs in pharmacy is increasing due to increase in the number ofpharmacy schools which has resulted in more graduates in the field, Ibelieve there will be a job for me once I graduate.


UsingTexas reality check, the annual salary of a pharmacist to maintain adesired living standard in Houston is $118,871, the taxes are $33,284and hence the annual income after subtracting the taxes. The monthlyincome is $ 7,132. The expected salary of a pharmacist will cover thedesired lifestyle. The money will be enough for necessities andsavings.

Thecost of living in Houston, TX compared to another city such asAsheville, NC indicates that I can live a more comfortable life inHouston with the proposed salary than in another city. For instance,according to the CNN Money Cost of Living Calculator, the pricedifference in Asheville compared to Houston is 18 percent more ongroceries, 5 percent less in housing, 4 percent less in utilities, 8percent more in transportation and 11 percent more in health care.

Charityor Volunteer Organizations

Thereare several volunteer organizations and charities in Houston.Examples of these are Hospice Patient Care Volunteer, Job FairVolunteer, and Student Volunteer. In Hospice Patient Care Volunteer,the members choose their needs and use their training to enrich thelives of patients and their families. In Job Fair Volunteer, themembers assist in registration, workshops, lunches and parking. Thevolunteers in Student Volunteer provide support and companionship forpatients and their families.


Inconclusion, I will still pursue the career in pharmacy since it willallow me to live a comfortable life. I will overcome the obstacle ofjob competition by working hard and achieving good grades in mytraining.


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