Pharmacological Treatment of Tobacco Dependence

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PharmacologicalTreatment of Tobacco Dependence

Mytopic of interest, in this course, is the pharmacological treatmentof tobacco dependence. It is of particular concern to me since mostpeople engage in regular smoking in their daily lives. Such victimshave a high likelihood of complicating their wellbeing as they areprone to many health hazards that come along with smoking. It isextremely hard to stop smoking once one has become an addicttherefore, some strategies are adopted to ensure that the habitceases within a short duration.

Iam aware that there are licensed therapies, which are used forsmoking cessation, and that is what I would like to know in detailsso that I will put it in the application while in the field to helppeople who are unable to stop this behavior. These will include thenicotine replacement (NR), bupropion, and varenicline (Kranzler,Ciraulo, Zindel, and American Psychiatric Association, 2014). Thesemethods are better known for the in cessation that can be abrupt, agradual reduction that can finally lead to quitting smoking,abstaining on a temporal basis, or minimizing the maintenance. Suchtechniques can be applied to patients one at a time or they can becombined to increase the efficiency on the wellbeing of such victims.

OnceI get the details of these therapies, I will be in a position toapply any one of them to the victims depending on the level of theirdependency. The use of varenicline works to minimize the cravings aswell as alleviating the withdrawal signs. It blocks the impacts ofnicotine, which make people smoke, in the brain. Kranzler et al.(2014) posit that it is of immense significance that varenicline beused together with stop-smoking programs, like counseling, support,and education, to increase its effectiveness. The re-uptake ofdopamine and norepinephrine can be efficiently inhibited if bupropionis used instead of the other two therapies. Therefore, it isimperative that I understand the details of these techniques to helppeople stop smoking in a gradual manner. This is the reason that thistopic is of crucial significance hence, I will do anything possibleto get the concepts clearly.


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