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Ihave always believed that obstacles are placed in our way to test ourreal merit. I was only eight years old when my family fled to arefugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya for safety as the civil war in Somaliaraged on. As we trekked through the darkness of the night andwitnessed the wickedness of the human soul, our destination wasprecarious. This incident presented perils ranging from the choleraepidemic, poor living conditions, and insecurity. Around the sametime, my diabetic sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Thoughfaced with this predicament, I indeed rejoiced in the brilliance ofthe medical practitioners that came to the aid of my sister andprovided her with thorough treatment. Amidst the physicians,pharmacist Marc, who was volunteering with Medicins Sans Frontiersparticularly held my interest through his professionalism, genuineempathy, and caring. My interest in pharmacy developed during thistime since it represented hope at a time of despondency. If only Ihad some pharmacological knowledge, I could have been at a betterposition to save her.

Whilea refugee camp is not the ideal place to harbor dreams, to me itrepresented a place where I sought change and gained determination.The living conditions at the camp were so horrible, and every day ofmy life it has troubled me that some refugees still live in there.The sight of individuals suffering and succumbing to illness alwaysprompted my heart to do something. Luckily, my family and I were ableto migrate to America where I got the opportunity to pursue myeducation. Like most of my counterparts, I too faced an initialcultural shock and challenges associated with the limited English.Nonetheless, when I started schooling, my determination strengthenedwith each lesson. Eventually, I earned a GED diploma and attendedMinneapolis Community and Technical College where I studied for myprerequisite pharmacy courses. I subsequently transferred to theUniversity of Minnesota where I graduated with Bachelors of Sciencein Medical Technology.

Forseven and a half years I have worked as a laboratory scientist atChildren’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota. During this time, Ihave served different departments and laboratories by providingaccurate, precise and timely results while complying withdepartmental and regulatory agency standards. My inability to help mysister at her time of need motivates me to provide my patients andchildren with the best care possible. I have also been able tointeract with patients, families, and children. The encounters havenot only improved my interpersonal skills but also made me realizethat giving back to the community is the only wise option.

Owingto the terrifying ordeal at the Daadab Camp, I volunteered with theConfederation of Somali Community in Minnesota to tutor a group ofEast-African immigrants. While my goal was to inculcate a strongeducational foundation for the children, I did notice that suchinteractions enhanced their grades and ingrained more robustcommunication and listening skills within them. This experience mademe believe that children are delicate beings, and we all have a roleto play in their lives directly or indirectly. Since then I haveaspired to enhance my education and the breadth of knowledge to servetheir healthcare needs further.

Itis crucial to me that I have the zeal for any path that my lifetakes. Since I have a considerable influence on that trail, I amdetermined to pursue a profession that will give a new meaning andsatisfaction to my life. Every time I scan a blood smear that hasblast cells, it pains me that I can do nothing about it. I`mconvinced I could serve leukemia patients better by providingevidence-based, best medication management therapy. I can also beable to find bigger solutions for patients’ disease conditions andplay a more significant role to impact patients at a higher and abetter level. Doctor of Pharmacy program is known to be bothdemanding and challenging. However, my continued excellence andexperience as a lab scientist prove my ability to fit in this field.My desire to enroll in this program stems from the fact that unlikemy current profession, the pharmacy offers a broad spectrum ofopportunities and a combination of skills ranging from patient careto business and healthcare informatics. With a pharmacy degree. Iwill be able to subsidize my compassion for others alongsideextending and reinforcing my knowledge of science.

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