Philosophy of Teaching EFL at Saudi Arabia University

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Philosophyof Teaching EFL atSaudi Arabia University

Philosophyof Teaching EFL atSaudi Arabia University

In Saudi Arabia University,there has been a barrier to communication in English because it isnot a native language. Teaching it as a foreign language will beimportant in developing the students to become more brilliantcitizens.As a result, my teaching philosophy will entail providing learnerswith a conducive environment that will facilitate the learningprocess. I will endeavor to help them better their communicativecompetence through strategic activities. Because of the currenttrends in learning, my philosophy in teaching EFL for learners atSaudi Arabia University will focus more on ways of revolutionizingthe curriculum.

To develop a more modernsyllabus, I will begin by pioneering computer aided learning so thatthe students will have the chance to listen to and see what happensin other areas where English is the first language. Similarly, I willconsider it a priority to guarantee learner library experience sothat they understand book contents. In addition, eliminating fear ofembarrassment and negative critics will make them more willing toparticipate in class and to express their feelings. These will benecessary for the Saudi students to become more advanced in grammarand to know how to better their vocabularies so that they will beable to develop eloquent speeches.

The curriculum will help inthe realization of the 2030 Saudi’s vision through bettering thestudent’s ability to relate internationally. In other terms, thevision can only be achieved when communication will stop being thekey hindrance to international relations. In this case, students’self-esteem will be boosted and there will have no fear ofembarrassment when interacting with students from the rest of theworld.

In the current Saudi Arabia’ssystem, teaching a foreign language is seen as an important activityand is wholesomely allowed by the education policy. Furthermore,because of its imperative role, it has been incorporated into thecurriculum and is practiced in all the Saudi learning institutions. Afew years from now, communication will be easy because students willbe taught ESL as soon as they begin schooling.


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