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Bruceand Chapman are still celebrated up to date for some of their leadingcompositions during that time. In fact, people who know them arestill purchasing some of their compositions on iTunes. Chapman’ssong, first car, rose to prominence when he first performed it forNelson Mandela on his 70th birthday. On the other hand, Bruce’ssong, thunder road, also rose to prominence after it had got rankedamong the best songs on American charts during that period. Thispaper is therefore set to compare these two compositions by Chapmanand Bruce by looking at the kind of poetic techniques they employedin their compositions.

Comparisonof the use of poetic in the two poems

First,Chapman’s first car is one of his best songs in his entire careerand it is hard to assume that fact. However, even in that, it is noteasy to pick the poetic devices that he used in composing the song(Ferrar, 2014). There are a few, though most of it seems to beverbatim, there are some few instances of symbolic language thatChapman used in the song as well. For example, there is the use of asimile, which is when two or more things are compared in acomposition using as or like. Chapman says, “Speed so fast I feltlike I was drunk.” (Ferrari, 2014). This example perfectlydescribes a poetic concept (simile) as used by Chapman.

Anotherpoetic technique that employed in the first car was synecdoche. It isa type of symbolism that used in poetry and other compositionswhereby a part stands for the whole. Chapman says in the song, “myold man’s got a problem, he lives in a bottle.” It doesn`t meanthat the person lives with the bottle in one house, no. However, themessage Chapman was trying to pass here was that the man is simply analcoholic.

Consequently,Bruce’s song, thunder road has also employed a few poetictechniques just as seen in the first car. Additionally, this was thebreakthrough song to his album in the year 1975 hence it received asmany likes and views (Springsteen et al. 2008).Thesong talks about a story of a person who is trying so hard toconvince his lover to leave with him to an unknown place. In this,Bruce talks about the inner meaning of revitalization and hope inlife. In other words, life can be better some days, but if you keepthinking of what’s holding you back it might never change.

Thesong had since undergone a series of changes, as its first title was“Wings for Wheels” before it changed to ‘Thunder Road.” Inthe poem as well, there are instances of symbolism are employed. Forexample, the lines “like a vision she dances across a porch” and“lying out there like a killer in the sun” are examples ofsimiles that Bruce employed in this poem (Springsteen et al. 2008).Inthe first line, Bruce compares the manner in which his lover dancesto a vision. He tries to imply that her dancing techniques are sogood that they do not sound real. In the second simile, he againequates her lover to a killer in the sun by noting that the manner inwhich she laid in the sun was like that of a murderer.

Contraston poetic use of devices in the two poems

Inthe poem, Fast Car&quot by Tracy Chapman, a majority of it appearsto be pretty literal though few episodes utilize the symboliclanguage such as simile. A smile itself is a comparison of more thanone thing by the use of terms such as like or as. Within the song,when it says, &quotspeed so fast I felt as if I was drunk“, theexample here depicts the use of simile in the poem (Springsteen etal. 2008). Another case is. &quotFast so enough so that we be in aposition of flying away,&quot here denotes the use o figurativelanguage. Obvious, it is not easy for them to have a flight when farfrom the car. In another episode, that is the song when it reads. &quotMyold man has a problem/ he resides in the bottle,&quot in this case,does not signify that the reference here is a bottle. What thespeaker insinuates here is what is exactly in the bottle that is thebooze. The exact meaning here is that the father is a drunkard.

Thepoem, &quotThunder Road&quot by Bruce Springsteen begins with thestormy rumble of the &quotLonesome Day,&quot where Springsteen endsup conceiving as the curtain raiser and also the scene setter whatcomes next. Just from the onset, it is possible to hear of what herefers to concerning the effect of O`Brien on the sound thatoriginates from the band. In some cases, it could lead to the end ofthe pier quality on the E Streeters in the ancient days (Ferrar,2014). During this period, the guitars had bites like chainsaws andalso capable of chewing through a stack that had pine logs. On theother hand, the bass and drum bottom end had their construction donein the same manner as St Paul`s Cathedral.

Inconclusion, both songs by Bruce and Chapman were both excellentcompositions and passed some message to their listeners. Thunder Roadis a brilliant track about running away and being in love. The firstcar is also an imperfections piece by Chapman. However, to achieveall this, both artists had to employ some poetic techniques in theirsongs as described in the examples above contexts.


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