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Article One

The fist articlediscusses the events that led to the arrest of Arkansas lawmakerconsidered to have been “obstructing governmental operations”(Chimurenga, 2016). In this case, the lawmaker, State Rep. JohnWalker was arrested following an altercation with police officers whoaccused him of being a race-baiter for recording an arrest inprogress (Chimurenga, 2016). Interestingly though, the lawmaker hadin 2015 tabled a bill that made it illegal for the law enforcementofficers to stop the public from taking photos of their actions,erasing footage and any form of electronic data from such individualsand confiscating the recording devices from their owners (Chimurenga,2016). The only exception was in instances where such evidence wasrequired for a commission of inquiry. In this article, the authoruses ethos to appeal to logic. This is in reference to the expectedprofessional actions of the law enforcement agencies.

The nature of theproblem is between law enforcement officers and an Arkansas lawmakerwith his associate. It arose when the administrator stopped to recordthe arrest of an individual. They were confronted by the police afterwhich an argument ensued (Chimurenga, 2016). The lawmaker and hisassociate known as Omavi Kushukuru were arrested. The issue wasraised due to an increase in the number of confrontations between thepolice officers and the public in the recent past.

The event isconsidered to be an unfortunate occurrence. Despite the existence ofa law that prohibits law enforcement officers from stoppingindividuals filming of arrests by the public, the Arkansas lawmakerwas arrested for practicing what was legally allowed (Chimurenga,2016). The principal stakeholders affected in this case include thepublic, law enforcement agencies, and the monitoring groups.

Action should betaken to avoid future instances since legal frameworks allowindividuals to record information. The human rights groups and otheradvocacy organizations should help solve the problem of policeinterference. An investigation inquiry can be set to establish theevents that led to the altercations and how future happenings may beavoided.

Article 2

This piece ofwriting relates to the likely actions of the members of the “BlackLives Matter” (BLM) movement (Watson, 2016). The author argues thatthe Twitter users who posted that they would embark on a lootingspree at the end of Hurricane Matthew belong to the BLM. It isimportant to note that pathos is utilized by the author to argueabout the impending disaster (Watson, 2016). He mentions the deathsthat have been witnessed in Haiti and how it is important for theindividuals to avoid participating in a looting spree as a sign ofrespect to the victims of Hurricane Mathew in Haiti (Watson, 2016).

The nature ofproblem arises from the posts on Twitter declaring that individualswill engage in looting once Hurricane Mathew has subsided (Watson,2016). This is a societal problem and involves various ethnic groups.However, one user was specific when stating that where such actionswould be experienced by declaring that, “yep, but in whiteneighborhoods” (Watson, 2016). The BLM movement is considered to bea leftist group that advocates for equality for Blacks. It is alsoassociated with violent protests, and as a result, it is assumed thatthey will be responsible for looting (Watson, 2016).

It is a bad thingconsidering the damages and deaths that have been caused by theextreme weather event (Watson, 2016). However, the seriousness of theissue should be in doubt bearing in mind that the message has beenposted on the social networking site, Twitter only. There are chancesthat these individuals may proceed with their plans in case nointervention mechanism are provided. The law enforcement agenciesshould be placed on standby to deal with any potential looting asintended by individuals. Additionally, volunteers can also beencouraged to help the regulatory authorities to reduce the impact ofsuch practices.

Article 3

This articlediscusses the Vice Presidential debate in relation to the 2016 UnitedStates elections. The Democrats were represented by Virginia SenatorTim Kaine whereas the Republicans had Indiana Governor Mike Pence(Enloe, 2016). The moderator of the debate was Elaine Quijano fromCBS News. The Republicans claimed that Senator Kaine interruptedPence and the moderator more than 70 times (Enloe, 2016).

The nature of theproblem relates to the strategy that was employed by Tim Kaine duringthe debates for the vice presidents in preparation for the November2016 elections in the United States (Enloe, 2016). One of theindividuals involved in the discussion was accused of beingaggressive and interruptive. Analysis indicated that he had more than70 interruptions during the debate (Enloe, 2016). This article isaimed at influencing the political opinions of the public. It isbiased since it fails to determine a connection between interruptionsand gaining an unfair political mileage.

Within thecommunication cycles, the breaks are regarded as a rude way ofengaging in a conversation. It shows a lack of etiquette and maylimit the effectiveness of debate. However, in the politics, it isnot a serious issue since it has been used by others before. Themoderator should be tasked with the responsibility of ensuring thatthe interruptions are limited.


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