Possible budget for the solution

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Possiblebudget for the solution

Possiblebudget for solution

Thisparticular paper explains how I would develop a possible budget forimproving police community relations problems in the criminal justicefield. Basically, police community relations have been a big problemamong diverse communities in the world because of the weaknesses ofthe police community relations. The possible solution to theimprovement in the relationships between the communities and policewho are designated to serve the entire societies which are a vitalstep towards the attainment of greater levels of affordable personalsafety (Kappeler, &amp Gaines, 2012). Training practices andeducation requirements for law enforcement officers is considered tobe a clear solution that will provide a possible solution forimproving police community relations problems in our criminal justicefield between the communities and the police.

HowI would develop a possible budget for solution of police communityrelations problems

Inpreparation of the budget, I will include all the expense for thecommunity policing project that includes training and education coststhat will be funded by both the Federal government and the privateinstitution. Grant is considered to be a sum of money that is usuallygranted by a private organization or a government agency for aparticular objective or project that does not necessarily need to bepaid back (Kappeler, &amp Gaines, 2012). Basically, Federal stateagencies and other private organization provide diverse grants toindividuals or to communities that meet the program goals andcriteria.

Planninga grant

Developinga grant proposal usually entails diverse steps that will be used inseeking grants from states of private organizations. Cordner (2014),there is a broad range of available grants through the privateorganizations and federal government in everything possible. Seekinggrants so as to promote internal diversity through officer trainingand education as a possible solution to the improvement in therelationships between the communities and police who are designatedto serve the entire societies is a vital step towards the attainmentof greater levels of affordable personal safety. The budget willinclude funds for lab pack that contains several copies of trainingfacilities, scanner or reader software along with several computersand radios as this will give the police the greater flexibility inusing study materials and other training room materials.




Lab pack learning materials


1 (10-Pack)


Computer software maintenance


1 (10-Pack)












Inthis part, advanced planning is important to grant writingachievement because when considering a grant planning, I willdetermine the community need and get an enhanced understanding of theproject objectives and goals and how it fits into the community’sfuture goals. The budget should contain all the clear data since therequirements for the project budget must be rational about its goals.The community goal in this aspect encapsulates on promoting internaldiversity through officers training and education since the communitypolicing has been deteriorating for the last two years because of thehuge misunderstanding between diverse communities and the lawenforcement agencies (Cordner, 2014).

Iwould budget to develop the statement of needs that essentiallydescribe the problem that the project will try to address in thecommunity. The population that will be served is also vital issuethat the budget should cover. According to the problem evaluationassignment, police officers are often expected to be insightful,dynamic and ethical leaders in the entire communities. Improving thecommunity policing and enhancing the relationship between the policeand the community has great aspects such as reducing locality crime,diminishing the fear of crime and advancing the quality of life inthe entire community.

Identifyingpotential grant funding sources

Potentialgrant sources of financing is an important area that I will focus onwhen budgeting for the promotion of internal diversity throughofficer training and education as a possible solution to improve forimproving police community relations problems. Budgeting for apossible source of funds for the problem solving aspect is importantsince the activity is expensive. Providing training and education tothe officers or police aligned to the area need a significant amountof funds (Kappeler, &amp Gaines, 2012). I will seek funds from theFederal government because improving the community policing andenhancing the relationship between the police, and the community hasgreat aspects such as reducing locality crime, diminishing the fearof offense and advancing the quality of life in the entire community.I believe that there are police officers who have been poorly trainedto work in certain communities. By providing them with the propertraining in diverse ethical areas, police or the officers will bemuch more efficient in executing the mission of the police and alsobuilding the legitimacy of the community policing departments.

Mobilizingthe interested groups in the community is another way that will beused to develop the budget for community policing problem. Diversestate agencies usually mobilize interested groups so as to buildsupport for their budget request. Kappeler, &amp Gaines (2012),noted that federal states often influence strategy makers by findinga client, serving it and receiving feedbacks from it. Developing abudget through mobilization of communities will enhance theactivities because the action will demonstrate the significance ofthe project to be initiated. Diverse studies examined earlierdemonstrated the ability of higher education to affect the attitudesof officers on the abuse of police brutality. The police need to betrained on diverse aspects that can be used to reduce the use ofextrajudicial power that has been affecting the communities.

Budgetingfor a timeline

Budgetingof the timeline is vital because it will provide the project withclear activities and time description that will be utilized indeveloping the successful plan.



Submit the Proposal for Grant

October, 2016

Anticipated Notifications for Grant

November, 2016

Obtain Hardwares and Softwares

December, 2016

Set up training sessions for community policing

December, 2016

Police introduction

January, 2016

First one month phase

February, 2016

Test community policing improvement

February, 2016

Prepare results report

March, 2016


Inconclusion, the possible budget will ensure that training practicesand education has been enhanced in the entire community so as toimprove and provide a possible solution to the problem of policecommunity relationship (Kappeler,&amp Gaines, 2012).The Federal government will provide sufficient funds so as to enablesuccess of the grant project. The grant writing plan should providessufficient funds to allow leadership training to all officersthroughout their ultimate careers that will basically address theorganizational, procedural justice, policing accountability andcommunity policing.


Cordner,G. (2014). Community policing. TheOxford handbook of police and policing,148-171.

Kappeler,V. E., &amp Gaines, L. K. (2012). Communitypolicing: A contemporary perspective.


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