Promotion Plan-Funky Claude`s bar

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PromotionPlan-FunkyClaude`s bar

Thebar industry is a rewarding enterprise that is dominated by a hugenumber of entrepreneurs(McGregor, 2009).Bars range from small scale, medium sized, large, mega and chainbars. The high number of bars makes this enterprise to facecompetition. Therefore, for success to be obtained, the bar ownerneeds to come up with ideas or plans that will promote the business.Often, most bars are highly occupied during the holidays asindividuals take time to rest and enjoy their time. A clients’holiday destination or area of relaxation will depend on his or herbar of choice.

Thispaper specifically focuses on Funky Claude`s bar, which is part ofMontreux Palace business located in Switzerland. It is one of thecountry’s five-star bars that are luxurious. Funky Claude`s bar isupdated with the latest technology making it have more consumers.This unique feature in the bar does not make it have an advantageover the others. There are a high number of bars in the region.Therefore, a plan has to be executed to attract a large number ofclients in the upcoming holiday season. Some of the promotion ideasthat are essential include online discounts, cross promotions,blogging about the bar, promotion giveaways and decoration of thebar’s website(Chiang, 2003).


Manybar chains promote online bookings to come up with a special rate.Online booking is convenient and preferred by most clients. FunkyClaude`s bar can make use of online booking as it saves the effortand time of the customer. In promoting Funky Claude`s bar, focus willbe on the young generation clients who frequent the bar. The bar willtarget this population group through use of smartphone. Thesmartphone booking is most prevalent in the young clients who tend tofrequent the technology. They also do so because in the future theywill have possibilities to frequent the bars (Morrison,1996).Online discounting is a better way to build stronger long-term tieswith bar clients(Lau, Lee &amp Ho, 2005).The advent of technology allows easier and quicker access for the barto the market for further future bookings. It is an ultimate tool asit is convenient anywhere and anytime.


FunkyClaude`s bar will also use modern events like pop culture and moviesthat will motivate clients to reserve rooms in the bar. FunkyClaude`s bar willalso give the clients opportunity to watch a great collection offilms of Charlie Chaplin.The bar will also reserve some favorite books for the clients as ameans of attracting customers who are readers to spend longer. Anexample of a favorite book that will be in Funky Claude`s bar is,“Think like a man and act like a woman” and others placed in eachroom. The books will ultimately promote longer stay of clients withinthe vicinity of the bar. Funky Claude`s bar has to combine secretthemes for passionate couples with reference to the books that theywould be locating in their rooms. The same intention can also beachieved by the addition of accessories such as wine to recreate ascene(Bojanic, 1996).An escapade such as this will convince the clients that their stay inthe bar is worth it.

Bloggingabout the Events of the Bar

Animportant holiday such as Christmas should be blogged. Blogging is away of being grateful to the customers for their support of theenterprise all through(Thevenot, 2007).Blogging is a good booster of the bar`s property, especially throughthe social media. Contents concerning the holiday experience of theclients must be included on the blogging site(Thevenot, 2007).A blog being a social site is one of the fastest to access in thesearch engines therefore, the bar should update the latest events ithas(Chan &amp Guillet, 2011).By updating their events, this will influence their Google profilethus creating a positive image to the public.

Promotea Giveaway

Holidayshoppers are always appealed with giveaways because it is a funmotivation. Funky Claude`s bar will take advantage of the holidayshopper who come to the nearby market. By Funky Claude`s bar, havingmore sweepstakes will create higher traffic than the one that doesnot have giveaways(Pinar &amp Ozgur, 2008).Through this method, Funky Claude`s bar will have a boost in theclient base, and it will be sure of building its email list,especially during holidays. Creation of a sweepstake involvesappropriate selection of incentives, which will be the key to gainingcontestants (Pinar&amp Ozgur, 2008).The use of gift cards at this season is also a great incentive. Thesecards whether they are valid in store or online, are important toolsto shoppers. Another attractive incentive that Funky Claude`s barwill use is gift certificates. The clients acquiring the giftcertificates can use them as a” staycation” gate away somewhereelse in the town. Sweepstakes, gift cards, and gift certificates arehealthy engagement ways with clients or fans throughout the Christmasholiday as they plan their travel.

DecoratingBar’s Social Media Channel

Aneasier way in which a bar can spread a vacation cheer is through thedecoration of its online channels with the holiday theme. The coverphoto of the website is usually the first thing seen by the socialmedia clients when searching for the channel. This is an easy way ofgetting the fans excited about the holiday(Chiang, 2003).This message will be consistent and it will be an indicator sign thatthe bar is taking part in the holiday. This continues to build thebrand image. To keep it simple, a graphically enhanced image withbows will be put to embrace the festive season. This highlights animportant message to the clients who will, in turn, remember and talkabout Funky Claude`s bar(Kylänen &amp Mariani, 2014).


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