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Whatcan be done to Promote Better Health for the American Population?


Goodhealth comes from clean air and water, healthy food, violence-freeenvironment, safe indoor and outside physical activities and safeworking conditions (Eldredge et al. 2016). Therefore, healthpromotion process for the people of America is a strategy that willenhance control over their health. This has to involve communalprograms that address health factors such as food security andquality environment.

Notably,the need for prevention of diseases, health improvement, andenhancement of human potential by findings from research in child andadult health, disabilities, genomics and chronic diseases is a majortarget on better health for the American population. Therefore, forthe American population to attain an improved health, it is requiredthat a safe public environment is maintained progressively, thepeople should be empowered through a number of ways such as educationand motivational talks that will teach them on better ways of makinghealthy choices, abolishing of health inequalities to enhance parityand universal treatment, developing a quality and standard controlservices in both medical and communal scenarios, finally hiring ofmore health expertise.

Itis very fundamental for the American population to recognize thechallenges undermining their health and progress. In this case, theproblem of better health and developments is very important in that,good health is essential to human pleasure and well-being this makesa significant contribution to commercial and political advancement asthe healthy population will live to achieve their goals, are highlyproductive and saves more. Similarly, improved health populationstrengthens national security by global disease recognition,response, prevention and control plans.

Thefollowing are recommendations to promote better heath for theAmerican population first, enabling people make healthy choices, forinstance, people, should access information and resources for thisthey are empowered to make healthier decisions. Medical nurses anddoctors may use a number of communication procedures and methods suchas individual health records, valid health websites, and mobile phoneapplications to support and enhance oral communication and this willenable the people to make better healthier choices (Lee et al, 2015).It’s clear that individual knowledge and skills allow people tomake healthy choices hence promoting their health literacy.

Secondly,eliminating health inequalities can also improve the quality of lifefor all Americans. In this case, health care delivery units shouldeducate and employ more competent nurses and doctors from lessrepresented races or minority community groups and the people withspecial needs (Akinboro et al, 2016). This can also be enhanced byproviding affordable health care that includes health insurance,sufficient income provision to low income earners and subsidizingmedical services. The need for medical care providers to delivercomplete services to less disadvantaged people is the key toattaining a good healthy life for the entire population.

Onthe other hand, increase in health care provider’s knowledge andskills which can be helpful to effectively manage and treat diseasesthat are associated with ethnic and racial groups. Thereforeintervention procedures should be put in place to recognize areaswhere inequalities exist and efforts to curb this for instance,passing of laws and rules regarding human health rights.

Thirdly,developing quality control services deliver in both medical andpublic settings when the entire people get preventive care such asimmunization, counseling, cancer screening, eye checkups and manyother medical practices that focus health promotion, they have goodhealth care. For example, expansion of the links between medical andpublic control efforts such as obesity control programs that servesto improve the health of underserved people and this allows themaccess control services. The health care providers are also mandatedto help both in their local communities and nationwide to supportpublic based attempts that enables the people to meet better healthneeds.

Throughthis, patients can receive more help in shifting from unhealthybehaviors and clinical professions find it easier to delivertreatment and skills to individuals that they cannot reach. On theother hand, community-based programs get a substantial aid inconnecting with patients for whom treatment is required. Successfulquality medical and community interactions have to integrateevidence-based clinical and public linkages to promote the health ofthe American population.

Promotingclient, family and community participation in quality controlimprovement procedures is major to achieving health nation. Formingof organizations and partnerships among medical and public healthagencies this can eliminate disparity experienced in the healthservices and this creates a supportable patient’s access topreventive and prolonged care services in that, collaboration in theclinical and community settings is maximum and gears towardsimproving the health of people.

Fourth,establishing a healthy and safe environment is significant inpromoting health standards for the people. Control of infectionstarts from our home environment. For example, industries andbusiness owners can develop practices that support the work force andreduce pollution, proper waste disposal, work place cleanliness, anduse of harmless chemical can enhance health promotion.

Thehealth and wellbeing of the people are subjective by areas they live,learn, work and play. This places can be changed to maintain thehealth conditions of the people as well make health decisions. Thisis accompanied by sustainable environment, good schools with betterstructures.

Facilitatingan interaction among diverse sectors such as planning, properhousing, efficient transport system will have a positive impact onhealth. This can be achieved by education and environmentalrestrictions on business agencies, labor organizations and publichealth bodies. Strengthening and enforcing sanitary code standards toensure swift options to enhance a better health. There is also a needfor business sectors to observe best applications that promote safetywhich may include involvement in methods that does not cause dangerto the people.

Thecommunity can also apply procedures that ensure that people aredynamically engaged in decision making which directly or indirectlyaffect their health organizing some partners and promoting across-sector participation in planning, executing and assessing thecommunity health determinations.

Finally,worksite health promotion should be given priority. The healthdevelopment can be carried out in different locations among thosesome have acquired special attention, and this includes homes,schools and working areas. Working conditions and wellbeing of peoplehas an influence which ranges from the physical, economic and socialstatus of individuals, therefore if this is put right then idealsettings can support the promotion of health of a large population.

Accordingto the center for diseases control and prevention (CDC), frequentphysical activities is a major effective disease control actions.This practices reduce feelings of depression and can promote thecontrol of obesity, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseasesthat are fatal to people’s health. Also competency plans thataccess chronic infections and advocates for empowerment that enablespeople and community to take control of their own health as well aspromoting the management of diseases.

Healthpromotion components need to be strengthened with simple and cost-effective appropriate procedures and ensuring community incorporationin matters about healthy diet and sustenance among the young andolder adults. For instance, home-delivered foods services shoulddwell on supplement meals that provide nutrition and energy to thepeople. Dietary patterns and supervision on nutrition literacy shouldbe designed to enhance fruit and vegetable consumption and physicalactivities among the people.

Conclusively,the above-discussed health promotion recommendations are very crucialand relevant to the American population today. There is a worldwiderecognition that health and communal wellness are a key determinantof development and progress, therefore health challenges can beappropriately solved by adopting holistic approaches, whereindividuals and the public are empowered to take initiatives fortheir health, and with this, sustainable health systems for Americanpopulation will be achieved.


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