Public Health Issues

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PublicHealth Issues

PublicHealth Issues

Discussionon Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a crime that has detrimental side effects onthose affected. The discussion will focus on the health outcomes ofhuman trafficking on victims. Studies have indicated that asignificant number of women encounter adverse health effects becauseof human trafficking. Women and children trafficked end up beingsubjected to forced sex work while others end up being exploited toprovide labor services. Notably, women who are forced to engage insexual activities risk getting multiple infections with HIV/AIDSbeing the most likely disease to be contracted apart from othersexually transmitted ailments. It is unfortunate that there islimited knowledge regarding the risks of health outcomes that comeabout with human trafficking. Notably, the health consequences ofhuman trafficking have not received the needed attention from theinternational community (Oram, Stöckl, Busza, Howard, &ampZimmerman, 2012).

Discussion on Community Program Involving Public Health Nurses

Public health nurses have played a fundamental role when it comes toensuring that the community that they live in is leading a healthylifestyle. Mainly, they have taken the initiative to educate thecommunity about the lifestyle diseases most of which are affectingmost of the people in the community. The diabetes preventionprogram has been spearheaded by public health nurses to educate thepeople on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“..there has been considerable momentum, particularly in the lastseveral years, with well over 15 original research reports describingthe translation of DPP lifestyle interventions in a variety ofcommunity contexts” (Venditti, &amp Kramer, 2013)

Lifestyle diseases such as obesity and heart conditions have been onthe increase in the recent times. Such conditions have been linked toa poor lifestyle that is led by people in the community. However,public health nurses have established a community outreach programthat aims at educating the people on ways through which they can leada healthy lifestyle. They have used the knowledge acquired in thecourse of practice to sensitize the public on the best way to whichthey can protect themselves from such conditions. The goal is toreduce the number of people affected by lifestyle diseases througheducation.


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