Qualities of a Good Leader

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Qualitiesof a Good Leader

Qualitiesof a Good Leader

Leadersshould possess certain qualities that can help their followers trustand follow them. The president is considered as the leader of thecountry, which creates the need for the citizens to elect someonewith the best qualities, besides the political skills. This paperwill discuss four critical qualities that a U.S. president shouldpossess.

Thereare many qualities that people would like the president to have, butfour of them can help the U.S. address its current challenges. Thefirst quality is persuasiveness, which is founded on the assumptionthat the president should be able to influence local and foreignstakeholders on matters that affect the U.S. economy (Tobak, 2015).For example, the president should have excellent skills to negotiatewith countries (such as China) when developing foreign policies inorder to ensure that trade agreements do not favor other countries atthe expense of the local investors.

Secondly,a leader should have excellent management skills. The ability toestablish the balance between leadership and management roles resultsin success. For example, the exponential increase in the U.S. foreigndebt has been attributed to poor management of the country’sresources (Tobak, 2015). The federal government has been expandingevery year while the previous presidents have failed to balancebetween revenue and expenditure. This challenge can be addressed byelecting a good manager as the U.S. president.

Third,a leader should be goal as well as achievement oriented. Leaders witha combination of the two qualities are able to set measurable goalsand demonstrate their dedication and willingness to achieve them.Previous U.S. presidents have set goals to address issues (such asillegal immigration, cost of care, and the national debt), butdecades have passed without any results (Tobak, 2015). Therefore, theU.S. needs a leader who will set goals and achieve them.

Fourth,a leader is expected to have positive temperament traits. Thisquality is associated with the ability to handle erratic pressuresattributed to the nature of work, address uncertainties, and face thecrisis (Dickerson, 2016). For example, financial crises areunpredictable and they can affect the U.S. any moment. The presidentshould be prepared to address these uncertainties as they emerge.

Inconclusion, a good leader is expected to have qualities that giveconfidence to the followers. In the case of the U.S., voters shouldelect a president with excellent manage capabilities, negotiationskills, positive temperament traits, and goal and achievementoriented.


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