Reflection of Japan`s Earthquakes

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Reflectionof Japan’s Earthquakes

Reflectionof Japan’s Earthquakes

Inthis semester, we have discussed several natural disasters in theEnvironmental Science subject. Among all of them, I find earthquaketo be the most horrific and devastating. We defined it as shaking ofthe surface of the earth, and people experience it in the form ofvibration, shaking, or even displacement of the ground. Additionally,we discussed various earthquakes that have been experienced indifferent parts of the world. For instance, we looked at Japan andChile quakes that occurred along subduction zones. Prior thissubject, I had no idea that they have such adverse consequences.Accordingly, I have learned about them in details.

Firstly,Japan earthquakes caused massive deaths, as well as injuries to thesurvivors. Besides, families and friends were separated by thistragic accident. Secondly, there was the destruction of properties.For instance, streets were cracked, building crushed down,electricity was tampered with, which lead to many more problems. Ittook them much time to recover from these losses. Prior thecatastrophe, the affected regions showed signs of vitality and hope,with prosperous cities, flat roads, quiet village, and green land.After the quake, these regions were full of depression and despair,with flooded farmhouses, shattered infrastructures, and brokenbridges.

Itis unfortunate that it is impossible to stop this natural occurrence.Despite having advanced technologies, Japanese were powerless inpreventing it. For my case, I view it as nature’s punishment due totheir pollution, resource waste, unbalanced development, among othermistakes. However, they can draw lessons from them and lay downstrategies to tackle future similar disasters. I would advocate forthe government to establish a comprehensive law system that aims atpreventing and coping with natural disasters, particularlyearthquakes.

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