Reflection The artist in society

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Reflection:The artist in society


Reflection:The artist in society

Ihave come to realize that playwright, just like any other job,involves a lot of effort, dedication, and commitment to becomingfruitful and perfect. I believe family and friends’ support iscrucial and plays a significant role in the achievement of one’sgoals. I did not know whether, as a play writer, one had limited timefor the family. It has now dawned on me that, an individual has toutilize time management skills appropriate to prevent being bias oneither side. The paper focuses on various aspects of a play writerand how the society impacts on his or her success.


Asa playwright, one faces myriad challenges in the society such aspublic acceptance, financial assistance, and socio-culturaldiscrimination among others. I have learned that, one of the factorsthat adversely affect a play writer is the prevalence of racialdiscrimination in the industry. However, I do not believediscrimination has much to do with the success of a play writer. Ithink that a play writer receives approval from the audience based onthe quality and substance of the play. Great play writers have toendure hard times writing episodes after episodes and be patient withtheir work.

Theinclusion of different people and the society in playwriting issignificant as it creates a mutual working association that ensuresprosperity. The public role of an artist is pegged on the quality andrelevance of the material produced for the audience. A good playwriter has to take precedence the interests of the audience and thecommunity in general. The work of a play writer helps the communityin learning and understanding various social, economic, and politicalaspects of the world. One of the crucial roles of playwriting is todisseminate paramount information to the community.

Importanceof a play writer to the society

Therelationship between playwright and the community is essential as thewriters keep the current era alive hence preserving information forthe future generations. In my generation, I have come to learn a lotof history from greatest play writers of all times such as ArthurMiller and William Shakespeare among others. Most important, playwriters have a role in educating the society on certain themes,ideas, or moral lessons. Typically, the core aim of the play is torelay a message or information to the world.


Societyand play writer are linked, and help each other to bring the best inthe art industry. I have always acknowledged the fact thatdiscriminatory practices act as an impetus to success, thus playwriters ought to exercise impartiality. More often, play writers’work is dismissed based on discrimination parameters such as color orrace. However, artists should meet people from different walks oflife and make crucial decisions that would have a significant impacton a play. In the contemporary world, discrimination of individualsagainst their culture, color, or race would just tumble down theindustry.


Iagree that playwriting is a role that needs motivation andinspiration, as people have different views and perspectivesregarding their works. Additionally, it can be a daunting task formany who lose focus in their career, instead of facing each challengeand growing to become perfect, with time. I can attest to that factthat, play writers acquire confidence through successive writing andexperience in the industry. It is always the same case where anindividual has to evolve from one job position to a higher job level,over the time.

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