Religion and Theology

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Religionand Theology

Religionand Theology

Waysof building a good relation with people of different faiths

Peoplefrom many faiths will obviously have various views on issues based ontheir beliefs and their religion. It is, therefore, worth of everyperson to note of the key steps that need to be followed to enhance agood relationship among eachother irrespective of the religion. The following are the practicalsteps that one ought to apply in the handling of the relationshipbetween an Islam and a non-Islam.

Oneneeds to give space to the Islam person to freely express his or herfreedom of beliefs and all issues about that. The convictions of theIslam should be respected by those working together with such aperson. Learning to understand what the Islam believes in andprofesses will go a long way in building a healthy relationshipbetween him and other workers or even neighbors (Bryman,&amp Bell, 2015).A worker or a neighbor needs to work to prevent a disagreement fromextrapolating into a dispute. Such an issue could be hard to resolveespecially when it is related to a religious aspect. One should asmuch as possible try to avoid violence in the relationship beingprotected and built. This will ensure that the Islam member feels andidentifies with the overall group of workers or even theneighborhood. In the case of inter-religious meetings, co-workers andneighbors have the obligation of ensuring that no religion isdisregarded or mentioned in an ill manner. This will show respect toall the groups represented and at the same time tighten the bondamong all the groups.

Barriersin transmitting Christian gospel to an Islam

Tobegin with, language is a key barrier that could be experienced in anattempt to relay the Christian gospel to an Islam. In this case, theIslam usually have a coded type of relaying messages to theirfollowers. Relaying the Christian message in a way that the recipientis not used to will become a challenge on the part of the giver aswell as the recipient (Bryman,&amp Bell, 2015).On the other hand, the signs and symbols that are used in relayingthe Christian gospel are unrelated with those used in the Islamreligion. Using the Christian symbols will lead to the provocation ofthe individual as the recipient will be irritated. The charactersthat are usually present in the Bible are not the same as those inthe Quran of the Islam. This means that relaying Christian gospelwill be bringing some new spiritual characters in the recipient life.The various characters of the Bible compared to those in the Quranwill seem to be favoring one faith at the expense of the recipient’sfaith. This will make the person hesitate to listen to the word andpre-judge the intention of the gospel preacher.

Personalchallenges that one might have with presenting the gospel

Onemay not know the language of the recipient of the gospel. This willcreate a barrier between the two parties as they don’t have acommon language to use and easily understand. The other issue is thatthe relay of the gospel may not have the full understanding of thelikes and the dislikes of the recipient(Bryman, &amp Bell, 2015).This will create a gap between what he is supposed to tell therecipient as and what the recipient expects to hear. Lack ofconfidence could too be a barrier. This will derail the honestyposture that the Islam member would expect to find and hence miss theaudience.


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