Research approaches

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Thetwo types of approaches to consider, when carrying out a researchstudy, would be qualitative and quantitative strategies. Thequalitative approach is usually an exploratory research that aims atgaining an understanding of the core ideas and motivations[ CITATION Pun13 l 1033 ].Theapproach uses unstructured and semi-structured tactics to collectinformation and data[ CITATION Cre13 l 1033 ].Some of the methods employed are focus groups, observations, andinterviews among others.

Onthe other hand, the quantitative approach uses numeric data toquantify the individual research problem into practical statistics.The approach utilizes measurable data so as to formulate facts andunravel patterns in the research. The data collection techniques usedcomprise of paper and online surveys, telephone interviews, andsystematic observations.

Meritsand drawbacks

Thequalitative approach allows the use of open-ended questions henceproviding a deeper understanding of individual’s experiences. Thestrategy provides a one-on-one interview process that can be helpfulin exploiting some unexplored phenomena and discloses some of theinformation that would be hard to reveal through the predeterminedsurveys[ CITATION Cre13 l 1033 ].However, the researcher cannot generalize the research information,and it is impossible to convert the information into statisticalmethods. On the other hand, the quantitative approach aims atgathering information from a large group of participants thus thereis a possibility of summarizing[ CITATION Pun13 l 1033 ].It is, however, difficult to identify unexplored phenomena andarduous in interpreting the data without a control set.


Iintend to use the qualitative approach method in this study becauseam aiming at gaining a complex and rich knowledge of people’sexperiences. Moreover, the strategy adopted is inductive, hencedeveloping a theory or a pattern of the collected information anddata. A theoretical framework guides the identification andevaluation of a particular research problem.


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