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Youhave done a great job in this post. I am particularly pleased thatyou chose to explore the effects of tobacco smoking, especially amongthe young people. According to me, this is a topic, which covers thecurrent issues in the societies that we live in and it is, therefore,a critical area to focus on. You did a great job in comparing theoutcomes from a smoke-free and a smoke restricted campus was to me.Your work shows that it would be very helpful for the policy to beimplemented in other universities, including the Purdue University. Ialso agree with Tyas &amp Pederson (1998) that it is of greatimportance to have data on peer smoking for you to get an accuratepicture of how the real situation is. Truly, there is a directrelationship between peer tobacco use and foretelling the smokinghabit among young adults.

Iagree with you that the research conducted by Seo et al. (2011)highly convinces one that the implementation of the policy will leadto the intended positive health outcomes for the university. However,having the data of research on smoking in your university would havebeen very helpful in assessing the effects of the implementation ofthe policy in the school. The duration in which the policy has beenin place is however too short, and therefore, I see the reason whyyou lacked the data.

Youmade an important observation that the findings of the study havesignificant limitations. It is true, based on my understanding, thatthe difference in demographics can limit the use of the results ofthe previous study done at Indiana and Purdue universities. Also,Adriana, the observation that you made the difference in ethnicitiesin your research and that conducted by Seo et al. (2011) wereremarkable. The question that comes to my mind is how will you beable to use the findings from the previous research in explainingyour current study?

Finally,you have also talked about e-cigarettes and mentioned that they mightact as a challenge for the smoking cessation campaign. This was anexcellent observation and the ability to identify such, and evennoting that it may cause problems in your intended program, was veryimpressive. Given a chance, I would also include the effects that theintroduction of e-cigarettes would have on the campaign.


Tyas,S. L., &amp Pederson, L. L. (1998). Psychosocial factors related toadolescent smoking: A critical review of the literature. TobaccoControl, 7(4), 409-420

Seo,D., Macy, J. T., Torabi, M. R., &amp Middlestadt, S. E. (2011). Theeffect of a smoke-free campus policy on college students’ smokingbehaviours and attitudes. PreventativeMedicine, 53,347-352. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2011.07.015

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