Responses to Paper One, Two and Three

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Responsesto Paper One, Two and Three

Responsesto Paper One, Two and Three


Ibelieve the middle range theory has been of great importance to thenurses especially at decision-making.The idea of the approachis the firstframework fordecision making to the nursing practitioners (Riegel,Jaarsma, &amp Strömberg, 2012).However,the broad perspective of the theory makes it difficult in applyingits ideologies in the particular situations they remain to be a justframework. The self-efficacyis a vitalrequirement for any nurse in executing his duties, as thepractitioners should be rational and of high cognitive power whiledealing with patients. The theory results in the developmentof knowledge in the area of specialization due to self-efficacyprinciple. Nurses acquire enormous expertise in practice when theymake their judgments and decisions(Meleis, 2010).


Thecomfort theory is one of the best ideasdeveloped in the nursing practice since it upsurges the comfort ofthe client. Isthe satisfaction linked with suffering relief?The concepts have improved supportforthe patients. The approach has translated and rejuvenated the comfortof patients worldwide since its development and adoption(Townsend, 2014).&nbspPatients who are in great pain can now get an assessmentbefore they proceedto the prescribed treatment methods.It is inline witha national shift towards and providinga delightful patient health care experience (Zgierska et al., 2012).Several of the principles connected with kolcabaa’sMiddle Range presumption of Comfort are analyzed here in thisimmediatepublic health care and medicalcareliberation issue (like comfort besides patient-centered health care)(Kittson, Marshall, Bassett &amp Zeitz,2013).Quantifiable results and health-seeking trends are also descriptivesof current behaviors in health care deliverance.


Thedevelopment of the theories of middle range based on the assessmentof the clinical practice is fundamental in the field of nursing. Theassumptions should not beevaluatedregardingthe substance of their establishment since they are the blueprint offuture nursing principles and understanding(Smith, &amp Liehr, 2013).The idea of structural integrity and function adequacy should berelied upon when examining these theories. As the internationalhealthcare environment evolvesand grows, the ideasare anticipated to turn out to be full partners in mounting healthcare. The expansion of middle range theories Furthermoretheir capability to beintegratedinto medical and treatment evidenced relied practice. Theenhancedpatient result, must be specially defined and in a positionto be experienced empirically. Middle range theories draw closer fromgrand ideas, and since the CDC touches approximately every areaconceivable concerning human life, it will permit for many realisticapplications(Alligood, 2014).&nbsp


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