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RestHome Business

RestHome Business

Thebusiness that is done is the Rest Home business that seeks to givecare with a difference. The homes that are provided in this case areintimate and smaller. The attributes of the Rest Homes ensures thatthey feel homely, friendly and have the residents and their familiesfeel at ease. Everything in the home is intended to have theoccupants feel at home (Godber, 1984).

Thereare different activities within the Rest Home, and they include thecare provision, food preparation, hairdressing, physiotherapy,chaplaincy services, podiatrist and regular Entertainment &ampOutings. However, most of the activities are customized to addressthe special needs of each or residents within the Rest Home. There isan aim that every resident gets to enjoys and experience as thedifferent individual (Godber, 1984).

Someof the main activities that cannot be underrated include mealtime,which is important in the Rest Home just as it is the case with theindividual’s homes. Within the home, there is also great cateringstaff that is competent and can prepare the varied and balanced menu.They can cater for special diets in the necessary instances with allthe meals prepared within the Rest Home’s kitchen. Additionally,families and friends are often welcome to enjoy a meal with theresidents.

Thereare also daily programs of individuals and group activities thatensure the residents are stimulated. Through some of these programs,the community at the Rest Home gets involved with the local communityas much as possible. Within this Rest Home, one continues to livetheir life, as they would desire to be in their private lives.

Effectof Functions of Organizations

Usually,organizations have different functions normally referred to as thedepartments. Some of the functions include the human resourcefunction, the maintenance department, accounting, and financedepartment, a communication function and information technologydepartment.

First,there is the human resource department within the Rest Homes thatwill largely be in charge of employment issues. This department willensure that the best staffs are hired, and all their needs are met.Hiring the best staff is critical for this business as the processensures that only individuals who understand their work and the needsof the clients are brought on board (Ernst Kossek &amp Ozeki, 1998).

Withinthe Rest Home are the Facilities and/or Maintenance department thatwill ensure that all the buildings and grounds are properly in place.Through this department, the individuals hosted in the rest home willfeel comfortable, and the home has to be made as friendly aspossible. All the facilities that the individuals use including thegrounds, the machines are in place. The productivity of thisdepartment will determine if the clients are comfortable with thefacilities or not. In fact, it is through this department that thesafety of the individuals will be determined.

TheAccounting and Finance department mainly is in charge of the moneythat is needed in supporting the operations of the business. Thisfunction within the business will ensure that every customized needof individual client is met. Through the department, every client hasto pay for the services that they need and their payments have to beproperly billed. This department is critical in the daily operationsof the business. This means that if there is no money, then most ofthe activities of the business will be affected.

Justlike any business, the communication function is an aspect thatcannot be ignored in any business set-up. This function affects thedaily lives of individuals as they need to get the assurance thattheir lives are better or same as they would wish to live in theirindividual homes. This department makes critical announcements andpublishes as well as updates information that is within the needs ofthe clients. Some of the information included regards theindividual`s programs and group programs each day (Bates &ampGawande, 2003). Also, through the department, there is the closemaintenance of contacts between the outside and inside of theorganization. The organization ensures that there is the clearmaintenance of communication. This function affects the organizationas it determines the public image that individuals perceive regardingthe operations and activities of this business.

Theother critical function entails that of information technology (Bates&amp Gawande, 2003). This is a digital era hence the function cannotbe underscored. This department is responsible for the technology andcommunication needs and supports the various productive activitieswithin. This department handles any form of special work that regardsthe communication of the organization.

Whythe Points are noted

Theabove functions are noted as they are critical in ensuring the smoothand successful operations of the company. Through the functions,there is the performance of different roles though when knittedtogether they help in achieving the common goal for the business aswell as the vision of the organization.

Namingat least two others

Theother critical functions within the business include marketing andstrategic functions. Marketing is important as it will let all thepotential clients get to know the business of Rest Home. Throughmarketing, the business will get to have its agenda properly sold outand the image portrayed as required. Strategic functions are alsocritical to the operations of the business as it ensures that all themeaningful business operations are within the set and required scope.


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