Revisiting VERBEs

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VABEsconcept illustrates the guiding principles of a particular individualregarding values, assumptions, beliefs and expectations (Clawson,2014). The essay focuses on integrity and hard work as the primaryvalues to consider and provides the meaning of VABEs, the approximateage when I started utilizing the concept and lastly my willingness toconsider my values.

TheMeaning of VABEs

VABEsas a strategy function in determining the ideals that guide a personin his or her daily operations through the analysis of values,assumptions, beliefs and expectation (Clawson, 2014). As anindividual, I consider hard work and integrity as my fundamentalVABEs while examining the questions of life.

TheApproximate Age I Adopted VABEs

Istarted using the concept at the age of five years when I realizedthe determination of my parents to make me a better person in life.At that age, I executed such duties as the completion of schoolassignments independently so as to develop integrity. Also, I engagedin the household chores in order to promote the value of hard work.

Reasonto Defend VABEs

Thestrategy of VABEs is fundamental and worth my support because itenables an individual to perform self-assessment of his or her valuesand expectations without having to copy or mimic someone else.

Willingnessto Retain and Change my Values

Ihave a strong desire and commitment to assess my values on a regularbasis, and that has enhanced my understanding that hard work andintegrity are my inner qualities. In any case, the values determinethe way I interact with people of different characters. Also, as Iinteract and face new challenges, my aim remains the same, and thatis to adopt new values that can fit me into the current setting. Onthat regard, I support the statement by Clawson (2014) that as longas people remain unwilling to re-evaluate their core VABEs, theirviews of the world and individual behaviors also remain unchanged.


Itis worth noting that VABEs is important for every person especiallywhen it comes to self-reflection which demands complex mattersregarding personal life.


Clawson,J.G. (2014). LevelThree Leadership(ed. 5). NJ, United States: Prentice Hall.

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