Role of Leadership and Fellowship and its Consequences

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Effective leadership and fellowship form the basis of successfuloperation of any organization. The Crash of the Eastern AirlinesFlight 401 may in one way or the other have beencaused by lack of ineffective leadership and fellowship among thecrew members. There are situations where the leadership is wellincorporated, but those being led do not follow the guidelinesprescribed for positive results. Moreover, there are cases where theleaders are reluctant to deliver what is required of them to theirjuniors. These cases lead to ineffective leadership and operations ofthis particular organizations. On the case regarding Crash of theEastern Airlines Flight 401, there were various instances where therole of the leaders and instructors of the plane was not felt. Thejuniors also were noted not to perform their duties as prescribedleading to the crash which killed all the crew and 163 passengers.


Ineffective leadership

The crash of the plane was solely caused by lack of practicalleadership skills. The maintenance company of the Eastern Airlinesplane lacked the proper leadership skills of its employees. Thecompany solely depended on one of the many employees who could onlybe allowed to maintain the aircraft. According to (Goetsch, 2014), Noone does best unless with the hand of another person. The maintenanceemployee could not have made it alone. He could have been the teamleader of the support group but not to act alone. There aresituations where people do the unsuitable thinking that they aredoing the right thing. Leaders too may be on the amiss side, and theyneed their juniors to correct them. Experience and expertise make onea leader in the area of specialization. Expertise does not mean towork alone or to underestimate others. The experienced employee fromthe maintenance company should have taken advantage of the expertisehe has to direct others on what best to do. The complications in theplane that was caused by the sole employee could have been noticed ifothers were allowed to work with him. Leaders at times fail toperform their duties of coordination but tend to perform activitieson their own as stated by (Goetsch, 2014). Assume the maintenanceemployee had two or three people he led. The instructions he wouldhave given them would have helped them discover the problem earlierand solve it in time to avoid the accident.

Ineffective fellowship

There are instances where leaders can be doing their best, but thefollowers are reluctant. The members of the crew failed in the waythe carried out their duties.The interrelationship between the employees was evident from theconversation the captain had. He talked about “I instead of we.”The message showed that the other employees were not concerned abouttheir responsibilities. The role of more than two should not beaccomplished by one person (Goetsch, 2014). The employees did notportray service and commitment to their work. The association betweenthe crew members showed that there was no fellowship among them. Theyassumed their roles to do other things. If the other crew membershelped the captain discover the problem of the gear and maintain theplane at a higher attitude, the accident could not have occurred.Teamwork among the juniors helps to bring out the best.


Effective leadership and fellowship determine the outcome of a task.When the leaders work in harmony with their juniors, the goal will bereached without any inconveniences. Commitment and service would haveprevented the accident from occurring.


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